Practical consideration of UDF (vs ISO)

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Mar 18, 2010, 5:06:05 PM3/18/10
Please pardon my ignorance, I've never actually used an RW before,
just write-once media. I have read that Windows XP can have trouble
reading some UDF-formatted discs, and it doesn't know how to write
them. I've also read that burning software often does not support
multisession UDF. From my understanding it seems that UDF
implementation favors packet writing over ISO-like multisession, but
again XP can't do this.

Currently what I'm interested in doing is writing backups to RW. The
size of the data is only a few hundred megabytes, so in the interest
of wear-leveling I would like to use a disc to hold multiple snapshots
made over time. I assumed that the preferred way to go about this is
to use UDF packet writing, but if XP is unable to do that, would ISO
multisession be the most practical fallback?

To be clear I'm not really interested in purchasing special software
or drivers... in the worst case I will just upgrade Windows.

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