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Harpoon 3 scenarios for the PlayersDB

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Jul 30, 2018, 11:58:59 PM7/30/18
The 4th NEW Harpoon scenario of the year!

14.0 Heavy Escort
"The Russian economy, stressed by the demands of war, confirms its leaders' worst fears. Economists tell the Defense Council that unless the war is a short, victorious one, the economy will collapse."

Act III: Battle Chess

"Exhausted by the furious pace of combat and the horrific losses, both sides are forced to re-evaluate their basic strategies. Fuel and ammunition are being consumed at fantastic rates, confirming the most pessimistic peacetime estimates.

At sea, reinforcement convoys have become vital prizes, to be protected or destroyed. Soviet strategy did not anticipate a long war and made no plans for a sustained campaign in the North Atlantic. Now forced to do so, Soviet attack subs and aircraft must operate at extreme range in an ocean ringed with hostile bases."
"While the strike on the Kola may not have been a complete success, they have taken much of the pressure off the convoys and their escorts."

Duration: 24 hours

This scenario was inspired by the situation described in the "High Tide" compilation from Clash of Arms.This scenario was written for the PlayersDB

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SSSSSS 053000Z20Jul88 SSSSSS

1.0 SitRep:

A French carrier battle group is assigned to convoy escort duty, reflecting both their increased value and the concerns of the merchant mariners.

Almost as soon as the convoy is clear of the continental air defense zone, it is attacked by SNA, but using new and imaginative tactics. French fighter pilots fly near-continuous patrols against reconnaissance aircraft, bombers, and the long-range, high-altitude missiles they fire.

2.0 Intelligence:

Soviet submarines appear to be allowing SNA strikes to roll-back the escorts before commencing their own attacks.

In response to the increased threat from SNA, the Super Etendards have been ferried ashore and replaced with an additional squadron of Crusaders.

3.0 Orders:

Escort the convoy past the gap in land-based aerial coverage.

Move towards RefPt UKADF as the maximum extent of land-based fighter protection. Ensure an average 15 knot speed of advance.

4.0 Rules of Engagement:

Warning level Red, Weapons Free

Engage all Warsaw Pact units.

Special weapons NOT <<repeat>> NOT authorized. Report all first use of CBR weapons to NCA via Flash protocol.

SSSSSS 053000Z20Jul88 SSSSSS

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Author: Herman Hum

14.0 Heavy Escort
High Tide\HvEscort.SCN

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