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Harpoon 3 scenarios for the PlayersDB

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Apr 28, 2017, 3:21:50 AM4/28/17
The 5th NEW Harpoon scenario of the year!

13.0 Fix, Hold, and Destroy

Sea of Dragons Battleset - Two Brothers - China invades Taiwan

China flexes its muscles with lots of exercises around Taiwan. Although diplomatic objections are raised by a number of nations, the exercises continue. Then, the PRC declares a maritime blockade: any ships entering the waters around Taiwan will be stopped and 'contraband' goods confiscated. 'Contraband' is loosely defined, but vessels carrying coal, oil, and LNG would appear to be favoured targets.

As coal, oil, and LNG stocks fall, the Taiwanese navy starts to escort convoys through the blockade zone. Then, something goes wrong. A convoy is intercepted and somebody fires on someone they shouldn't have. The PRC immediately launches an invasion fleet.

This scenario was inspired by the situation depicted in the Sea of Dragons publication from Clash of Arms.

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1.0 SitRep:

After the initial skirmishing, the Nationalist Navy has concentrated its efforts against the Taiwan Liberation Fleet.

2.0 Intelligence:

Opposition is expected to only come from the rebellious Taiwanese as the Americans are pre-occupied in the Middle East.

3.0 Orders:

The fleet will and the liberation forces.

Northern Pincer:

a. Assure the safe arrival of the amphibious fleet
b. Rendezvous with the Southern Liberation fleet and then make the run
c. Land the PLA at Liberation Beach [Chilung]

Southern Pincer:

d. Act as a decoy to entice enemy strikes away from the invasion fleet
e. Destroy as much of the enemy fleet as possible
f. Once you rendezvous with the Northern Liberation fleet, act as a screening force

4.0 Rules of Engagement:

Warning level Red, Weapons Free

ZZZZZZ 220000Z07Jun92 ZZZZZZ

Victory Conditions [Spoiler]:

1. Lose no more than 5 amphibious transports
2. Ensure safe arrival of 16 transports to Chilung

Author: Herman Hum

13.0 Fix, Hold, and Destroy
Sea of Dragons\Fix_Hold.SCN

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