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WaldenSoftware and Electronic Boutique...unholy union!

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Michael L. Jacobs

Sep 2, 1993, 8:33:54 AM9/2/93
Okay maybe it isnt a 'unholy union' but thats what the manager of my local
WaldenSoft was saying as he is forced to remove all his business applications
and precious books and replace them with a comprehensive title library for
video game systems as well as current releases for computers.

It seems that WaldenSoftware's parent company 9same as WaldenBooks)
has entered into an 18-month agreement with Electronics Boutique for EB
to take over management of its stores. The end result being a more EB like
store with emphasis on entertainment rather than business/institutional
computing. Also EB has an option to bid for the Walden stores at the
end of the 18-month period if it wants to fully take them over.

This was all heard from listening into the manager gripe while saying things
like "video games... computer games...I dont play the things. I really
dont have times for the stuff" I am most pleased by the change as WaldenSoft
is really the ONLY (aside from Best buy's pathetic selection) place to
get entertainment software around here. It was becoming annoying hearing
about new releases on internet and having to wait for about a month
for our 'software' store to get more than 2 copies in (which left the
store before hitting the shelves) Last night they had just finished
putting out Wing commander Academy, which was flying off the shelf btw,
and had set up fact-sheets and boxes for DarkSun Privateer and others with
current releases dates above them.
The Horrors are coming.......The Horrors are coming.......
Michael L. Jacobs,

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