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Free online game needs beta testers!

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May 10, 2008, 5:25:41 PM5/10/08
We just released Wild West Online: Gunfighter - which is a minigame
that will become the gunfighter class in our Wild West MMO, and we're
looking for Beta Testers who'd be interested in trying it out.

While the Gunfighter mini-game is (currently) 1v1, the full MMO will
be much more like what you guys have experience with. The skills you
learn as a gunfighter will translate into powerful abilities when
you're out adventuring with Hunters, Scouts, Doctors, and other play
types. But when two gunfighters meet and throw down, their mini-game
skills will come into effect for a special kind of combat that only
gunfighters have. We hope that when two gunfighters meet in a town,
all the other players will stop to watch the showdown.

So, give us a try at - it's up, free to
play and, we think, very fun. We look forward to your feedback!


Gary Cooper
Tenderfoot Games, LLC

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