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Press Release - Play + Learn - is it possible?

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Dec 17, 2012, 12:54:16 AM12/17/12
Play + Learn - is it possible?

How often do you hear your parents tell you to study? That's a real pain
in the neck sometimes. But from now on your parents can be proud of you.
Feels like watching a film instead reading a boring schoolbook? Why
not! Just switch on your favorite movie or series with subtitles and use our
Video Trainear. What is that and how does it work? Produced by Mind
X2 company, Video Trainear is a handy and reliable application for Windows
designed to sharpen listening comprehension, reading and spelling skills
while watching favorite movies in any language one might want to learn.

The process is simple:
1. Run a movie in original language with subtitles on;
2. The film loops at a phrase that keeps repeating again and again;
3. The subtitles are all mixed up, and your task is to listen to the
phrase until you define all the words to put them in the right order;
4. After you have solved the puzzle the movie goes on to the next step
and you get some points.

The main distinctive feature of Video Trainear is its multiple influence on
the perceptual systems: you hear the original foreign speech, see heroes'
gestures and facial expressions, read phrases they pronounce, solve word-
puzzles - all that at the very same moment. And the best thing about this
software is that you enjoy your favorite film.Video Trainear is not a
bunch of tasks, tests and texts, so the process of mastering the FL becomes
fun and interesting.

The software offers many options like possibility to choose a complexity level,
scoring points for correct phrases, internal and online dictionaries,
bilingual view of 2 subtitles, one-click return to the previous phrase,
etc. There is also a simple play mode with subtitles on. The effect produced
by Video Trainear is evident soon after the first use, besides, it
has an acceptable price of 15$.

The advantages of this method are indisputable: you listen to various voices
of native speakers without wild accents, and correctly pronounced words
get imprinted into the memory. Now parents can be satisfied too - you spend
your free time quite usefully. And what about friends? Invite them
and have fun, competing each other or solving the puzzle together!

Price: $15
OS: Windows

The full version of this article you can use is here

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