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Press Release - Thrilling New First Sight Phone App Puzzle Game

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Jason Shurgot

Nov 27, 2012, 2:56:26 PM11/27/12

Thrilling New First Sight=99 Phone App Puzzle Game
Is Fun for All Ages and Also
Sharpens Memory and Increases Vocabulary

Finally there's a free game app enjoyed by the whole family that helps children
master a broader vocabulary while simultaneously helping adults combat
memory loss.

(Pittsburgh, PA, USA) November 27, 2012 - The gaming company Cazooie has just
launched a radically fun phone app game called First Sight that appeals
to all ages while stimulating memory in adults and expanding the vocabulary
of youngsters. The entertaining and educational app is available for
iPhone, iPad, Android, and Android tablet platforms and will soon be offered
at the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Many computerized games don't stimulate learning but instead cause users to
waste mindless, unhealthy, unproductive hours. But First Sight is a great
gaming alternative with a smart design that intentionally incorporates
a beneficial educational aspect.

"I originally conceived of First Sight," explains Jason Shurgot, Co-Founder
of Cazooie, "as an educational game my own nephews would be excited to play.
The more the children played, the more their vocabularies expanded.
They loved it and so did their parents, who oftentimes use game play as an
opportunity to also teach spelling and pronunciation. Someday I may even
create a Spanish version to help children learn a new language."

The 2-player game revolves around clever and challenging selection of squares
to reveal clues to the picture hidden beneath those squares. The first
person to guess what the picture is wins. Some people say that First
Sight is reminiscent of Wheel of Fortune. However, instead of figuring out
a phrase, First Sight players use small visual clues to guess what is pictured
beneath the game board. Words accompany each picture, so the more
people play the more they encounter and learn new words. Players can also
choose from several different levels of progressively more challenging
First Sight game versions to gradually improve the acquisition of new vocabulary

"We intentionally created some easy, simple levels filled with pictures of
objects that are suited for young children," says Shurgot. "But as a child's
vocabulary improves they can play more advanced levels."

First Sight also encourages kids to be more socially interactive since it
is an exciting game for all ages. Friends play friends, grandparents play
their grandchildren, husbands play their wives, and daughters play their
dads. Shurgot's grandmother, for example, a devoted game show enthusiast,
appreciates the fact that playing First Sight keeps her in touch with youngsters
while also helping keep her brain active and her memory intact.
Neurologists often recommend mind-stimulating games and puzzles as a strategy
for aging adults to fight memory loss and maintain cognitive function.

To learn more and view video clips of the free game app, just visit - the official First Sight website.

For More Information Please Contact:
Jason Shurgot, Co-Founder
Cazooie, LLC
Phone: 412-310-9239 Email:

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