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Aug 15, 2011, 11:32:06 PM8/15/11
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Android Game Helps with English Language Pronunciation

Software Candy, LLC has released Outsmart Mike v. 1.1, an Android app
that makes it fun to learn to pronounce English language words. Your
friends and family can understand what you say. But will Software Candy's
Mike understand you?

Mike displays tongue twisters on your Android screen. The challenge is to
read these phrases and sentences into your Android phone in a way that
allows Mike to understand you. Some of Mike's considerable intelligence
is built upon Google's Voice Search, an app that is available without
charge at the Android Market. But Mike has a mind of his own, and a
personality that's a laugh a minute. To make him understand you, you'll
have to learn his quirks, moods, and whims. Even native English speakers
may be surprised to learn how difficult it is to get a perfect score.

On the serious side, Outsmart Mike can be very useful as an educational
tool for non-native English speakers of all ages. The game might also be
used in speech therapy to help stutterers and other people with speech

Taking an idea from The King's Speech, Outsmart Mike makes practicing
with a machine an effective alternative to practicing with a person.
Outsmart Mike takes it to the next stage by making it fun.

This Android game will tell you which words you have mispronounced, and
how to improve your results. You can sort your phrases into Mike's
order, sort them alphabetically, or let them display randomly.

It's a mixed blessing to be a child in a household where the adults speak
English as a second language. It's wonderful to have an opportunity to
become fluent in two languages. But children are at a disadvantage in
school when their parents don't pronounce English words properly.
Outsmart Mike is a fun way to improve English language pronunciation
skills of all the members of a household.

The free version has three tongue twisters that you can play with to see
how much fun you can have when you try to outsmart Mike. The $9.99(US)
Pro version has wall-to-wall fun, a wider assortment of phrases and
sentences, color highlighting of correctly and incorrectly recognized
and the ability to customize various features of the interface, as well
phrase, session, and cumulative scores.

With the Pro version, you'll receive unlimited Outsmart Mike upgrades for
life, without charge. Currently planned enhancements include "repeat" and
"next" buttons to give you greater control over the phrases, multi-player
scoring and tracking, a new single-word training mode, and in-app
purchase of additional libraries of phrases.

Outsmart Mike v. 1.1 requires Android 2.2 or newer. Learn more about
Outsmart Mike on the Software Candy website - - or on
the Android Market site -

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Editorial Evaluation Copy Available on Request

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