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Press Release - Open Source Game Editor Lets You Create Multi-Platform Games

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Makslane Rodrigues

Feb 5, 2013, 12:17:59 PM2/5/13
For Immediate Release

Contact: Makslane Rodrigues,

Open Source Game Editor Lets You Create Multi-Platform Games

Makslane Rodrigues has released Game Editor, a free, open source game creation
application that lets you design and create exciting, interactive games
for the Windows, Windows Mobile, iPad, iPhone, Mac OS X, Linux, Pocket
PC, and Android markets. With no investment or royalty fees, Game Editor
lets you create games for family and friends, as well as commercial games
that you can sell. In addition, Game Editor is an easy way for businesses
to participate in the gamification trend that lets you create and distribute
games that build brand loyalty for your company.

Game Editor lets you design and develop 2D arcade, puzzle, board, role-playing,
shoot-em-up, jump and run, and side-scroller games. The simple, intuitive
interface lets beginners design and create games that are fun and
exciting. A power scripting language is included. Because Game Editor
is distributed under the GPL v3 license, advanced programmers can modify the
game creation source code and create games with unique features.

Game Editor is a fun way to learn about computer programming. The company's
online forums include a wide range of game design information to get you
started. It's easy to create games for all of the popular desktop/laptop
and phone/tablet platforms. Game Editor lets you see and change the
source code of the game creation software, giving you insights into C/C++

Game Editor lets you quickly prototype your new game, so there's little danger
that you'll spend long hours developing a game that isn't fun to play.
Create a game theme, and place your game actors on the Game Editor screen.
You determine what happens whenever a player moves the mouse, clicks
an object, or presses a key. By defining simple or complex paths, you
determine the movement of all of the actors on the game screen.

In addition to moving objects, you can play sounds and run animations. You're
in complete control of the look and feel of your game. After you've
created your game, with a few mouse clicks you can create new game versions
that will run on any of the supported platforms.

Whether you're a businessperson who wants to create a multi-platform game
to promote your business, a student who wants to create games to share with
friends and family, or a programmer who wants to create and market a line
of software games, Game Editor has the tools that you need.

Game Editor runs under Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. For more information,

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About Game Editor:

Makslane Rodrigues, based in Brazil, has been developing and marketing software
since 1987. Development of Game Editor began in 2002, and the first
beta version was released at the 2003 CeBIT conference in Hanover, Germany.

The source code of the Game Editor became public in 2008. The following year,
Game Editor was released as an open source program using the dual license
GPL v3 model. In 2013, Game Editor moved from the dual license model
to the GPL v3 license, making it available without charge to the public.

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