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Press Release - Jigsaw Explorer - Adding Polish to Online Jigsaw Puzzles

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Bob Flora

Aug 7, 2012, 10:02:30 AM8/7/12
For Immediate Release

Contact: Bob Flora,, (919) 451-5768

Jigsaw Explorer - Adding Polish to Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Carolina Road Software announces its unique jigsaw puzzle web app, Jigsaw
Explorer (, now provides new custom jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw Explorer's mission is to provide jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts with a more
polished and refined jigsaw puzzle experience than is currently available
among other jigsaw puzzle web sites. This feat is accomplished through
use of advanced jigsaw puzzle software based on Microsoft's Silverlight
technology. Jigsaw Explorer offers features normally found only in commercial
jigsaw puzzle software, such as high resolution jigsaw puzzle subjects,
rotateable puzzle pieces, the ability to divide puzzles in up to 1000
pieces, and the ability to save unfinished puzzles to a computer file for
later completion. Of course, high quality jigsaw puzzle software needs
to be accompanied by high quality jigsaw puzzle subjects. Jigsaw Explorer
meets that challenge with over 1200 hand picked puzzle subjects covering
a wide variety of interesting categories.

Jigsaw Explorer now includes the ability to open your own photos as jigsaw
puzzles. Uniquely, Jigsaw Explorer does not require that photos be uploaded
to their web site for this feature to work. You simply select an image
file directly from your computer to play as a puzzle, just as you would
do with an installed jigsaw puzzle program. Skipping the upload step means
using your photos as jigsaw puzzles is quicker, easier, and ensures the
photos never leave your control.

Additionally, Jigsaw Explorer now allows jigsaw puzzles to be created and
shared on the Web. Once more, Jigsaw Explorer accomplishes the task in a
unique manner. Jigsaw Explorer does not require registration to create
puzzles, nor do photos need to be uploaded to the Jigsaw Explorer web site.
Instead, you simply submit the web address of a photo already present
on the Web. For example, you can provide Jigsaw Explorer with the web address
of a photo stored on Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, or anywhere else your
photos are publicly accessible. Instead of keeping a copy of the photo,
as other online jigsaw puzzle sites do, Jigsaw Explorer only stores the
photo's web address. A short web address to the resulting puzzle is returned.
When that puzzle address is opened in a web browser the photo is presented
as a jigsaw puzzle.

Carolina Road Software is the creator of Jigsaw Explorer which can be found
at Carolina Road Software has been
in the computer jigsaw puzzle business since 2003, and is also the creator
of Living Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles ( Jigsaw
Explorer's current service will continue to be provided at no cost, although
a premium service level will be added at a later date.


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