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PR: Valen Games announces Lunar Domination

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Ilya Olevsky

Jun 24, 2007, 10:20:57 PM6/24/07
June 15, 2007

Contact: Ilya Olevsky
Company: Valen Games
Title: CEO/Founder

Valen Games announces the release of Lunar Domination, a turn-based financial
strategy game where two players immerse themselves into a fight for domination
over the lunar ore market. The focus on strategy that revolves around finances,
rather than military confrontation, creates a completely unique experience
compared to other strategy games. The only weapon that is available in Lunar
Domination is your mind.

Lunar Domination comes with six scenarios, each of which can be played at three
difficulty levels against a computer opponent. An interactive tutorial helps you
get into the game quickly, without having to spend a lot of time on learning how
to play.

Lunar Domination is based on the concept of a market economy, where you and your
opponent compete for orders from simulated clients. This is accomplished using
an auction system, where bids can be placed on client orders. Orders are awarded
to the player with the lowest bid. Clients place orders for ore, which you can
gather around the map. Six different buildings are provided for mining, storing,
refining and selling the ore.

One of the innovations in Lunar Domination is a combination of a simulated
market economy with strategy elements that borrow from military games. Although
you cannot attack the other players directly, you must still compete with them
for physical resources and territory. Skillful management of your bases around
the map plays a significant role in achieving victory. This is in great contrast
to traditional finance oriented games, which are purely single player simulations.

Lunar Domination is available for Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Linux. It costs
$19.99 (USD) and can be purchased at the Valen Games web site:

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For more information about Lunar Domination, contact Valen Games at:

Company site:
Game site:


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