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IS: Infinite Stratos [BluRay 720p] Uncensored

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Christopherballin Rathakrishnan

Nov 25, 2023, 7:55:44 PM11/25/23
IS: Infinite Stratos [BluRay 720p] Uncensored - A Review of the Anime Series
If you are looking for an anime series that combines mecha action, comedy, romance and fanservice, you might want to check out IS: Infinite Stratos [BluRay 720p] Uncensored. This is a high-definition version of the anime series that aired in 2011, based on the light novel series by Izuru Yumizuru. The story follows Ichika Orimura, the only male who can pilot the powerful exoskeletons known as Infinite Stratos (IS), as he enrolls in an academy for IS pilots and gets involved with various girls who also pilot IS.

IS: Infinite Stratos [BluRay 720p] Uncensored is a great choice for anime fans who enjoy watching mecha battles, hilarious antics and romantic situations. The animation quality is superb, with detailed character designs, fluid movements and stunning effects. The sound quality is also excellent, with a catchy soundtrack and voice acting that matches the personalities of the characters. The BluRay version also offers an uncensored experience, meaning that you can enjoy the full extent of the fanservice scenes without any annoying censorship.

IS: Infinite Stratos [BluRay 720p] Uncensored

The main appeal of IS: Infinite Stratos [BluRay 720p] Uncensored is the diverse and charming cast of characters. Ichika is a likable protagonist who tries his best to cope with his unique situation and protect his friends. He is surrounded by a harem of beautiful and talented girls who have different personalities and backgrounds, such as Houki Shinonono, his childhood friend and a skilled kendo practitioner; Cecilia Alcott, a proud and elegant British aristocrat; Lingyin Huang, a cheerful and energetic Chinese girl; Charlotte Dunois, a sweet and gentle French girl who disguises herself as a boy; and Laura Bodewig, a cold and serious German soldier. The interactions between Ichika and the girls are full of comedy, drama and romance, as they compete for his attention and affection.

IS: Infinite Stratos [BluRay 720p] Uncensored is not without its flaws, however. The plot is rather thin and predictable, with most episodes focusing on slice-of-life scenarios and fanservice rather than developing the main story arc. The action scenes are also repetitive and lackluster, as most of the IS battles are resolved by Ichika's overwhelming power or plot convenience. The characters are also stereotypical and clichéd, with little depth or development beyond their initial traits. The anime also ends on a cliffhanger, leaving many questions unanswered and fans disappointed.

Overall, IS: Infinite Stratos [BluRay 720p] Uncensored is an entertaining anime series that delivers what it promises: mecha action, comedy, romance and fanservice. It is not a masterpiece or a groundbreaking work of art, but it is a fun and enjoyable watch for those who like this genre. If you are interested in IS: Infinite Stratos [BluRay 720p] Uncensored, you can download it from our website using the link below.

If you want to know more about IS: Infinite Stratos [BluRay 720p] Uncensored, you can also watch the second season of the anime series, which aired in 2013. The second season introduces new characters and challenges for Ichika and the girls, such as Tatenashi Sarashiki, the student council president and the strongest IS pilot in the academy; Kanzashi Sarashiki, her younger sister and a genius inventor; and Madoka Orimura, Ichika's mysterious twin sister who works for a terrorist organization. The second season also features more fanservice scenes, some of which are exclusive to the BluRay version.

IS: Infinite Stratos [BluRay 720p] Uncensored is a must-watch for fans of the light novel series and the anime genre. It is a fun and exciting anime series that will make you laugh, cry and cheer for Ichika and the girls. You can download both seasons of IS: Infinite Stratos [BluRay 720p] Uncensored from our website using the links below. Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy one of the most popular anime series of all time!

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