King's Quest VI.....HELP!!!!

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Mar 31, 1994, 7:11:50 PM3/31/94
I need help with King's Quest VI. I've beaten two of the three endings. for
the third ending, I think that I need to somehow trap the genie inside the
bottle. I'm pretty sure I have the right bottle, (the long, slender, blue
one), but I don't know how to get him in there. Any help you can give me will
be greatly appreciated.


Gregory R. Cook

Mar 31, 1994, 9:34:50 PM3/31/94
Ok, I've tried going it alone and now I need some help from the KQ gurus.

This is where I'm at . . I've finished the catacombs . . I've been to
the Isle of Mists (once) and got the coal . . hence got the egg from
the queens . . . I've freed the beast and hitched up the maiden. I have
the lamp though I'm holding out with the pedler until I know what I need.
I can get in the castle with the slave clothes and can take the nail but
always get nailed by the guards (need help with that one too). Now,
I know I need the teapot to make the rain spell, but I've been everywhere
10 times and there's no teapot. I suspect it should show up in the
garden where I got the teacup, but there's nothing there no matter what
I do. So, where's the teapot? Is there more I can do in the castle
besides going up stairs and get caught taking the nail from the painting?

I hate to ask, but I'm really stuck here . . .

thanks for your help!


Mar 31, 1994, 11:58:29 PM3/31/94
Gregory R. Cook (gc...@leland.Stanford.EDU) wrote:
: Ok, I've tried going it alone and now I need some help from the KQ gurus.

: thanks for your help!

: ---Greg
OK, let's begin with the castle. You must have the mechanical nightingale
to lure the guards in the hallway. To do this, place the nightingal in the
middle of the hallway while they are walking away. After doing this, don't
forget to hide behind the pillar so they don't see you. Then get the nail
and go from there.
As for the teapot, I never found one and I've completed the game
with all the points. The lamp _is_ the teapot. Put all the ingredients
for the 'make rain' spell in the lamp and you'll be able to cast the spell.


Paul Bouchier-Hayes

Apr 1, 1994, 9:16:56 AM4/1/94
In <> writes:


To get this ending you must figure out what kind of lamp that the genie lives
(You can do this by drinking the death potion in front of the genie, this is not
hard, just find the genie standing around someplace and drink the potion)

You then get this kind of bottle from the old man in the street and when you get
into the castle give it to jolo.



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