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Steam + CS:G0 Skin Betting

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Feb 22, 2024, 4:56:33 AMFeb 22
Quite long at 40mins* but I found it interesting as although I kinda
knew about skin betting this fleshed out some of the details in
particular about how Steam can be seen to be complicity in it and also
some of shady practices employed.

Besides the normal points of why can this not be seen as gambling,
considering the normal sticking point for lootboxes is that the content
has no real world value when CS:GO Skins clearly do, something that I
don't think is normally mentioned is the issue of what is effectively
gambling is being inserted into computer games via the backdoor. There's
loads of sites you can go to if you want to gamble online and have the
advantage of the safe guards of gambling regulation in place. What do
gamers get out of it?

*When did 40mins become a long time, youth of today I tell you**

**And yes I am joking about the last part.


Feb 22, 2024, 5:01:42 AMFeb 22
Well I suppose I should include the link ... doohhh!
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