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Aug 2, 1994, 3:56:03 AM8/2/94
Epic MegaGames MEGANEWS #3 August 1, 1994

The big news is Jazz Jackrabbit. The shareware version of Jazz will be
released today, August 1, to BBS's and Internet sites worldwide! As
you can probably tell, we're very excited about releasing this game.
It's Epic's largest production ever, and it's a very big, cool, high
quality game.

-Tim Sweeney, President/Epic MegaGames

About Jazz Jackrabbit

Fasten your seatbelts for the ride of your life! JAZZ JACKRABBIT is
coming towards you at light speed, and this little bunny carries a
big gun. The evil turtle emperor Devan Shell has rabbitnapped the
beloved princess Eva Earlong. Now he's swiping all the goodies
in the galaxy to support his plot of Galactic Rabbit Destruction!
Lead the speedy Jazz on a wild treasure hunt spanning enormous areas
jam-packed with major danger!

Jazz features ULTRA-FAST scrolling 256 color graphics, ROCKING Digital
Audio with Surround Sound, and WHITE-HOT action from Epic MegaGames!
Look out Sonic, this is one tough little bunny!

Where to find Jazz

On CompuServe:

* Jazz will be available as the Epic "Game of the Month" from the
"GO EPIC" service starting August 3. CompuServe members can
download it free throughout August.

Bulletin Boards:

* It's on Exec-PC BBS at 414-789-4360 (2400 to 14,400 baud).
Type "FFE" to get to the Free/Files/Epic area, then
download JAZZ.ZIP.


* Checkout ftp.uml.edu in the \games\Epic directory.

If you're not online:

* Just call us at 800-972-7434 (or 301-738-0227) and we'll send you
the shareware version by mail for $5.

How to buy Jazz Jackrabbit Episodes 2-6

The shareware version of Jazz contains one episode with 11 levels:
6 massive game levels, 3 bonus levels, and boss guardian, and a
secret level.

The five other episodes of Jazz aren't available in shareware. You
can buy the collection of all SIX episodes directly from Epic.
Here's what you get:

* 36 regular levels
* 18 bonus levels
* 6 secret levels
* 6 boss guardian levels
* 5 fully-animated ending cinematics
* Over 8 megs of action, music, and animation
* The full-color Jazz manual and Jazz comic book

Here's how to contact us around the world to order:

USA/Canada England/Europe Germany/Europe
------------- ------------------- ---------------------
Phone 800-972-7434 +44 (01) 767 260903 +49 (0) 40-899 684-0
Fax 301-299-3841 +44 (01) 727 262043 +49 (0) 40-899 684-99
Episodes 1-3 $25 19 Pounds DM 49,00
Episodes 4-6 $25 19 Pounds DM 49,00
All 6 Eps. $39 29 Pounds DM 74,00
Shipping $4 p&h Included DM 6,00

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The HOT List

Here are the current, most popular Epic and Safari files:

1. EPICPN2.ZIP Updated EPIC PINBALL featuring the SUPER ANDROID table.
2. JILL.ZIP Jill of the Jungle. Epic's 1992 bestseller is still hip!
3. OMFPREV.ZIP Preview of One Must Fall, Epic's upcoming HOT fight game.

Jazz will hit the top of the list in about 12 hours... Stay tuned!

One Must Fall 2097 News

Good news for fight gamers -- the Mother of All Bugs has been
discovered and slain. Development is now continuing on One Must Fall
2097, the futuristic fighting game coming soon from Epic author Rob
Elam. Stay tuned for some exciting information in the next issue of

Help Circulate MegaNews

Please help us circulate MegaNews by forwarding it to you friends
and by posting it on your favorite message conferences. We appreciate
your help. Thanks!

The Creators of Jazz

Now, we take you behind the scenes to meet the Jazz creators. Jazz
Jackrabbit was developed by:

Arjan Brussee (Programming) Cliff Bleszinski (Design & Artwork)
Nick Stadler (Animation) Robert Allen (Composer)

Thanks also to: Joshua Jensen (Music and Sound system), Nando Eweg
(Sound Effects), Andy Lehrfeld, and the Epic beta-testers.

Arjan Brussee began programming the Jazz Jackrabbit engine over two
years ago; at the time he was writing 3D demos with the famed Dutch
programming group Ultraforce. In early 1992, even before Jill of the
Jungle was released, I saw Arjan's first creation, "VectorDemo", and
spent the next six months trying to recruit him. Epic VP Mark Rein
had to personally fly to Europe to convince Arjan, but he finally
gave in and joined the Epic team.

A few months later, Epic author Cliff Bleszinski came up with the
Jazz Jackrabbit concept and began working with Arjan to turn it into
a reality. Arjan's programming prowess and Cliff's creative
inspiration melded into a game with the perfect combination of fast,
smooth graphics and pure fun. Musician Robert Allen (composer for Epic
Pinball) began writing some truly rocking tunes for the game, and
animator Nick Stadler joined the team and gave the main character his
animated, cartoon-style personality. The Jazz team has worked late
into the night for the last 12 months, spread out around the world
(Holland, California, and Maryland, to be exact), occasionally flying
into Epic's Rockville HQ for marathon development sessions.

The end result, which you can now download, is Jazz Jackrabbit.
Please try it; we hope you enjoy playing it. We certainly enjoyed
creating it!

-Tim Sweeney, President/Epic MegaGames

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CompuServe: GO EPIC Orders: 800-972-7434
Internet FTP: ftp.uml.edu Tech support: 301-983-9771
Exec-PC BBS: 414-789-4360 Fax: 301-299-3841

Brian 'Doc' O'Neill

Aug 2, 1994, 12:29:04 PM8/2/94
In article <CtwtI...@nntpa.cb.att.com>, k...@mtgz895.mt.att.com (Ken Roser) writes:

|> In article <1994Aug2.0...@cc.usu.edu>, <sl...@cc.usu.edu> wrote:
|> >Internet:
|> >
|> > * Checkout ftp.uml.edu in the \games\Epic directory.
|> >
|> It's not there yet as of Tuesday morning. I suspect it hasn't been
|> moved from the upload area.

It was never even uploaded. I just received it a few minutes ago and it
is now available.

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Ken Roser

Aug 2, 1994, 9:30:25 AM8/2/94

> * Checkout ftp.uml.edu in the \games\Epic directory.

It's not there yet as of Tuesday morning. I suspect it hasn't been

Adam Edwards

Aug 4, 1994, 11:54:09 AM8/4/94
In article <1994Aug2.0...@cc.usu.edu> sl...@cc.usu.edu writes:
>Epic MegaGames MEGANEWS #3 August 1, 1994
>About Jazz Jackrabbit
>Where to find Jazz
>If you're not online:
> * Just call us at 800-972-7434 (or 301-738-0227) and we'll send you
> the shareware version by mail for $5.
Heheheheheheheheh! Logic!
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