Aliens-TC Game of the Year? *SLIGHT SPOILERS*

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Oct 19, 1994, 5:50:13 PM10/19/94
In article <> (PDeMaio) writes:
>SLIGHT SPOILER: I you haven't played the game yet don't read this. You will
>really do yourself a disfavor.
>Didn't you think the suspence of the first level was great. I was expecting
>the first alien around every corner. Walking around in the dark was awesome.
>The first time I heard Apone I jumped. This game rocks. I like the fact that
>the first level was nothing but a prelude and something to set the mood. Like
>a lot of things the foreplay that leads up to the action really adds to the
>final overall experience.
> I also wanted to say the the setup where the aliens come out of the walls is
>awesome. Just like the movie.
>To Justin Fisher,
> Awesome job. I'm sure I'll play again tonight. I'll have to see if I can
>find a night light if I want to fall asleep though.
>Is that a light at the end of the tunnel or just an oncoming train?
Yea, I was expecting an Alien around every corner. We were like trying
the harder settings to see if we'd find any.

I hate the fact that those aliens were passing through the walls.
Imagine two college men sitting in a dark room in front of a computer
screen jumping up every once in a while screeming "Die ya mother@#$*er!"

I wish the music was different however. I had to turn it all the way
down because that terrible Doom music just didn't belong in Aliens.

Overall, I like the levels, weapons, and sounds; however, I preferred
the music from the other Aliens Doom wad, as well as its title screen.
Would have liked to have the stats bar changed a bit as well.



Oct 19, 1994, 3:50:41 PM10/19/94
Before anyone asks:
It is a doom 1 add on.
I got it at
It was pretty hard to find but it was in one of the new file areas.

I just started playing this last night and so far it is INCREADIBLE. This has
got to be one of the best games ever. Certainly it is the best DOOM add on.

For those of you who have been living in a closet:
Aliens is the sequal to the SCI-FI/Horror classic Alien. It stars Sigorney
Weaver and some lesser known actors. It was nominated for best picture but
lost to platoon (What a joke). It is based on the premise of insect
like aliens that start as eggs then become parasites and eventually predators.
The design for the Aliens is based on the art work of the slightly deranged
illustrator H.R. Gieger. Aliens is one of the most intense and well done
movies ever made.

The game is very true to movie, and it maintains the atemosphere exactly. I
have never been scared by doom. It just didn't scare me. This game actually
keeps me on the edge of my seat the whole time. If you haven't seen the
movie: See it. Then If you haven't seen the game: Get it. And make sure you
read the read me file before you play.

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