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David J. Warner

Oct 11, 1994, 11:35:20 PM10/11/94
*********** ONE MUST FALL: 2097 *************************************
*********** Frequently Asked Questions list *************************
*********** Version 1.0 *********************************************
*********** written by David J. ( ***********

LEGAL NONESUCH ---------------------------------------------------------

This document is created solely for informational purposes and
may not be distributed for profit without prior written consent of the
author. It also may not be included on any profit-seeking venture,
including but not limited to CD-ROM, magazine, personal publishing, rack
shareware distribution or public relations without prior written consent
of the author.
Otherwise, this document may be distributed freely across the
globe by any medium, printed or electronic, provided the author (that's
me) is given proper credit for his work.
The author of this FAQ, David J. Warner, is not employed by or
affiliated in any way with Epic MegaGames. He tried, though. ;^)

HISTORY ----------------------------------------------------------------

Version 0.1
- Released to the net September 29, 1994.

Version 0.5
- Released to the net October 8, 1994.
- Updates information on release of OMF:2097
- Includes descriptions of all 10 robots
- Adds the first few moves to the list, but moves list is
still largely incomplete
- Other Corrections here and there

Version 1.0
- Released October 12, 1994
- Full SW moves list added
- New info on modem/network play added
- Even more tips on pilot/robot matchups, tournament play

ADDENDUMS --------------------------------------------------------------

If you have any comments, corrections, contributions, flames,
or anything else that might be related to this FAQ, please e-mail me at

ABOUT THE AUTHOR -------------------------------------------------------

David J. Warner is a recent graduate of Indiana University and
currently living in Durham, NC, where he would love to pursue a career
in computer game/video game marketing and P.R. He is also the Director
of Network Distribution for HardCORE, the first internet hip hop
fanzine. E-mail him if you want to find out more about that.

TABLE OF CONTENTS ------------------------------------------------------

[1] Introducton
[1.1] What is One Must Fall: 2097?
[1.2] What is Epic MegaGames?
[1.3] Just what makes any this different from other fighting
games on the market?
[1.4] What about the gruesome fatalities?
[1.5] Is there modem/network play included in this game?
[1.6] Wasn't there a One Must Fall on the net already?
[1.7] What are the CPU/memory requirements for this game?
[1.8] How can I obtain the shareware version of this game?
[1.9] How can I obtain the full version of this game?

[2] The Game
[2.1] Plot
[2.2] Features
[2.3] Characters
[2.4] Robots

[3] Moves/Tactics
[3.1] General Moves for all robots
[3.2] Special Moves for each robot
[3.3] Strategies for success
[3.3.1] Character/Robot Matchups
[3.3.2] Tactics for tournament play

[4] Credits
[4.1] Trademarks and Copyrights
[4.2] Contributors

I. INTRODUCTION --------------------------------------------------------

[1.1] What is One Must Fall: 2097?

One Must Fall: 2097 (heretofore mentioned as OMF:2097) is the
new one-on-one fighting game from Epic MegaGames and Diversions
Entertainment. It is a two-dimensional fighting/tournament game in
the mold of Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat, with one exception --
the fighters are super-size robots instead of humans, thus replacing
blood and guts with boards and bytes.

[1.2] What is Epic MegaGames?

Epic MegaGames is a PC video game developer and publisher
based in Rockville, MD. They distribute their games by a method known
as shareware, which lets the user try a game before purchasing a
larger, "registered" version. They were established in 1991 by Tim
Sweeney, designer and programmer of the 1991 text-adventure games ZZT
and Super-ZZT. He is now president of the company. Epic released its
first major game, Jill of the Jungle, in June of 1992 and has been
growing ever since. Some of their best known and most popular games
include Jazz Jackrabbit, Epic Pinball, Xargon, Brix and Zone 66.
According to their own literature, Epic's "top goals are to
develop leading-edge software that pushes new PC technology to its
limits, to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction, and to be
recognized as a revolutionary new technology and quality leader in
computer games."

[1.3] Just what makes any this different from other fighting games
on the market?

I'm glad you asked.
For starters, in nearly all fighting games on the market (with
the obvious exception of the recently-released Primal Rage), the
characters with which you fight are in some human or superhuman form.
When you cut 'em, they bleed -- quite excessively in some games. =^)
There are ten human characters in OMF:2097, but instead of
actually being the fighters, the humans are controllers of large
robots that fight each other. Each human character has certain
strengths in fighting technique that match up to ten different robots
in different ways. Thus, it's up to you, the player, to determine
which human will work best with which robot, and how their strengths
and weaknesses affect certain robots.
This allows for a special mode in the game called Tournament
Mode. In this mode, you win money for winning fights against other
robots, and you can use that money to strengthen your robot for later
fights. You don't lose in tournament mode until you can't afford to
fix your fighter. This sets OMF:2097 apart from other fighting games
in which the one-player game simply uses Jim Valvano's philosophy of
"Survive and Advance." Here, the game doesn't end after you lose a
fight, unless you end up spending all your money on repairs, adding a
new dimension to the fighting genre. OMF:2097 does include a survive
and advance-type game, as well as a two-player mode.
As if that weren't enough, you also have to deal with playing
fields which interact with the characters, thus creating whole new
strategies to the game. Should I push my opponent into that spike?
Can I toss him against the electric fence from this far away? It's
not overdone, either, so it blends in well with the game. (IMHO, of

[1.4] What about the gruesome fatalities?

Funny, but nobody asked that when Street Fighter 2 first blew
up on the video game scene...
Anyway, here's what Rob Elam of Diversions Entertainment has
to say about that:

"A NOTE ON GRAPHIC VIOLENCE: Diversions Entertainment is devoted to
bringing NON-VIOLENT PC entertainment to the public. While you cannot
have a 'fight' game without some measure of violence, we are hoping to
show that a game with little shock value is still accepted by the
consumer. We want to prove that playability is more important to you
than simply slapping a few characters onto a screen and putting the
words 'Blood', 'Deadly', or 'Violence' in the title. As the one with
the checkbook, you will be the judge."

[1.5] Is there modem/network play included in this game?

At the moment, no. According to Sweeney, there were so many
delays in the release of the game as it was (it was originally going
to be released on June 15, 1994) that Epic simply wanted to get the
game out on the market before any major competition arose (like Mortal
Kombat II), and modem complications might have delayed the game until
However, modem/network play is coming. Diversions is currently
working on a patch that will allow you to beat up your friends over
your very own phone lines. (Just like in your favorite Bugs Bunny
cartoon!) There is no release date on that patch as of yet, but it
could be out before 1994 is over.

[1.6] Wasn't there a One Must Fall on the net already?

There is a very simple fighting demo called "One Must Fall"
that is circulating on the internet. This demo was released by Rob
Elam of Diversions to the internet just to see if there was any
interest in fighting games among PC owners (which, obviously, there
was). This demo is legal and freely distributable, but it bears no
resemblance to the game Epic is releasing, and is not nearly as good a
game as the official OMF:2097.
Just to clarify internet people with the differences between
the two, the demo is called and is about 320K. The
shareware OMF:2097 is called and is 2.7MB or so.

[1.7] What are the CPU/memory requirements for this game?

You'll need a 386 CPU with about 4 Megabytes of RAM. A 486
with 8 MB is recommended. Joystick and soundcard are optional, and
yes, this will support GUS, among other soundcards. The shareware
version takes up 6MB of HD space, and the registered version takes up
20MB. You'll need VGA, too, but you ought to have that already.
According to Dean O'Donnell, the editor of the strategy guide,
OMF:2097 runs on a 386SX-16 with minimum RAM at 8 fps and on a 486DX2-
66 at 50 fps. I played this at Epic on a 486DX2-50 with 8 MB, and
while I'm not sure about the frame rate, it looked very smooth.

[1.8] How can I obtain the shareware version of this game?

Over the internet, FTP anonymously to and look
under msdos/Games/Epic for the file. You can also find it at in pub/msdos_uploads/games/omf and at
in pub/incoming/games. In both cases, the file will be accompanied by
this FAQ.
Dial Exec-PC BBS (414-789-4360), the official BBS for Epic
MegaGames, and download it from there.
On CompuServe, type GO EPIC to get to the official Epic
MegaGames section, where you can download it.
If you're not connected, call Epic at 800-972-7434 and
they'll send you the shareware version on disk for five bucks.
The shareware version will have 5 pilots (Crystal, Steffan,
Milano, Christion and Shirro) and 3 robots (Shadow, Thorn and Jaguar),
though you'll be able to play against all 11 opponents in the game

[1.9] How can I obtain the full version of this game?

You can register OMF:2097 after its release (no preorders,
please) by doing this:
Call 800-972-7434 or 301-983-9771 (voice) or 301-299-3841
(fax) to place your order over the phone.
On CompuServe, just type GO EPIC to buy it and download it.
According to Tim Sweeney, this game is "also available on
major pirate sites. :-(", though neither of us would suggest you get
it there.
The full version has all 10 pilots and all 10 robots, of

II. THE GAME -----------------------------------------------------------

[2.1] Plot

This piece of information comes from the game's manual. Tip
of the cap to Tim Sweeney for e-mailing me a copy:

Welcome to One Must Fall:2097. In this future, the governments are
puppets to big corporations. One corporation, World Aeronautics and
Robotics (W.A.R.), runs the entire show with a silk-covered iron fist.
"All's fair in love and WAR" is probably the most common phrase of the
day. WAR was started as a research institute to provide human-assisted
robots (HAR's) for space travel. Their first prototypes were activated
in 2009 and were immediately put to use by a conglomeration of companies
from JapanAmerica to build the first ACTIVE space station (the first
attempt at a space station was abandoned by the later defunct United
States of America before becoming operational). The HAR's were better
than conventional robots in that they were completely operated by a
single human who's brain controlled the robot's systems via remote. The
"pilot" actually "became" the robot for all intents and purposes, but no
danger to the pilot was possible.

Now, WAR is Earth's leading corporation. Every other company relies on
WAR for space travel to Earth's four off-world stations. WAR provides
systems for governments and companies alike for security and defense.

WAR is power... and you're a part of it.

Ganymede, the next moon on Jupiter to be colonized, needs a WAR
representative to watch over it. The Board at WAR has decided that the
applicants for the position, being equally qualified, should fight for
it. Now, the ten applicants must choose which HAR will be their weapon
and beat the others in a one-on-one competition.

Anyone who has even a remotely important position at WAR is trained in
the use of HAR's. Most have spent considerable time "in" a real working
model to get the feel of it. But the use of HAR's for sparring is a
completely new scheme brought about by the need to know that when one
company attacks another the 'bots can handle the stress. The idea of
using WAR robots for entertainment is a new one, but The Company
believes that it will be good press for the next prototypes from the WAR
design rooms. Therefore, the public is invited to view the proceedings.
It will be the greatest one-on-one combat since the Roman Era. Years of
training on the 'bots makes you think you can take the other
pencil-pushers who show, and you know that YOUR reason for being V.P. of
this hunk of rock is much better than any THEY could have. As the 21st
century comes to a close, you prepare to put a big dent in the 22nd!

[2.2] Features

From Epic's own promotional material (with my own comments):

* Fighting action for 1 or 2 players
- Self-explanatory
* Special moves, holds, throws, and secret moves
- Natch
* Supports keyboard and 1 or 2 joysticks (optional)
- Ditto
* 80-page strategy guide available
- The guide WAS 60 pages, but it's grown quite a bit since it
was created. Of course, it's only for those who don't think
this FAQ will be enough =^)
* Multi-megabyte animation, music, and stereo sound effects
- And it all comes together quite nicely, IMHO.
* Supports Sound Blaster, SB Pro, SB 16, Gravis Ultrasound
- There you are, GUS freaks.

Suffice to say these guys are a little more understated in
their promotional material than some other shareware publishers.
What's not included in here is the Tournament Mode game and the
multiple difficulty levels.

[2.3] Characters

Again, from the manual:

Listed below are the pilots and other important people of the game.
Knowing the personalities of the pilot you choose and that of his
challengers is a valuable asset in One Must Fall:2097.

> Crystal <

Age: 23
Specialty: Genetic Engineering

Crystal Devroe, and her brother Christian, are twin children of Dr. and
Mrs. Devroe. Dr. Devroe was a head researcher for WAR five years ago,
and it was mostly his good name that gave Crystal and Christian their
positions in the company. Though Devroe's research was held in highest
secrecy, Crystal knew it had something to do with biogenetic research.

Both her parents died five years ago, the only passengers in a shuttle
from Luna to Earth. Her brother suspects murder, and though he won't
tell his suspicions, she does also. The only clue she carries is a
DigiLink Access Code with the word "Nova" on it, found in her father's
briefcase. She knows the power that Ganymede carries. She knows that
Ganymede would mean access to WAR's Core computer system. She believes
that WAR is responsible and that the access code will gain her entry
into the secret files and hopefully the information on what happened to
her parents.

> Steffan <

Age: 17
Specialty: Sales and Marketing

The arrogant son of the Tommas family, one of the most influential
families in the Iolo colony on Luna, Steffan is for all practical
purposes a spoiled brat. He believes himself the center of the Universe
and knows that Ganymede is simply another step to his final destination,
President of WAR The fact that, at 17, he has the skill and brains of
someone twice his age only makes him seem that much more aloof. In
combat, as in life, he tends to rely on a vicious onslaught of blows to
destroy his opponent.

> Milano <

Age: 35
Specialty: Security, Kick Boxing

Milano Angston, as only son of WAR founder Herbert Angston, has no need
for money. Though Wright and Angston are now associated with their
company in name only, the family is wealthy beyond measure from the
nearly thirty years of success in WAR's early days. At the age of 19,
Milano left his family and changed his last name to Steele. He became
known internationally for his almost inhuman dexterity and Kickboxing
skill, and in 2090 was hired by Raven to become a security chief for WAR
Milano never mentioned his family background, and secretly hopes to take
WAR back and use the company's power for the reasons originally intended
by his father.

> Christian <

Age: 23
Specialty: Genetic Engineering, Jujitsu

Christian knows that the shuttle which carried his parents was destroyed
on purpose. The passenger manifest listed thirty persons going aboard
the craft, and all the names on the list weren't real. WAR killed his
parents, and he would get his revenge. The fact that his sister,
Crystal, seems to be in on the hunt only scares Christian. He realizes
the power of WAR and is afraid for her safety. When she applied for the
Ganymede position, as he knew she would, Christian vowed he would beat
her himself just to keep her from putting herself in the possibly
dangerous position of Head of Ganymede. His anger and bitterness are
such that he never stops training to win, and his opponents will agree
that he is about the most aggressive fighter in the contest.

> Shirro <

Age: 73
Specialty: Public Relations, Karate

Shirro is the Head of Public Relations for all of WAR It was his idea
to have this contest for the media coverage. He believes that if the
event is popular enough, they may find a new business for the robots --
entertainment. Though Shirro knows much about what happens deep within
WAR, he never takes things too seriously and just hopes things will work
themselves out. Those who have seen him in martial arts tournaments
agree that he is both incredibly strong and tactful, always smiling and
shaking your hand after he beats you.

> Jean-Paul <

Age: 27
Specialty: Market Analyst

John-Paul is an enigma. During his childhood, it was found that he had
an uncanny ability to absorb information of any kind. He would score
perfect on any test, and was hired at a young age for the first job WAR
could place him in. The company has asked several times if he would
volunteer for "genetic research", but John-Paul knows that they simply
want to know how he can have such a perfect mind. He also knows of the
corruption within WAR and hopes to gain enough support from other
companies to finally overthrow the larger "monster" before it does any
more damage.

In combat, John-Paul is calculating and has very well-rounded abilities.
He rarely ever speaks, but always seems to be calm and sure of himself.
He is as defensive in the arena as he is in public.

> Ibrahim <

Age: 48
Specialty: Robotics Engineer

A retired triathelete, Ibrahim believes in a sharp mind and body.
Probably the best designer of HAR's, he has under his belt the design of
the Jaguar, Mantis, and Omega 'bots. The Jaguar is his most famous,
since the Mantis and Omega are mostly used for exploration of hostile
environments (EHE) missions. Ibrahim is considered a mentor by many of
the pilots, as he is always seen in the docking bays making sure "his
babies" are being taken care of. Ganymede will no doubt give him more
influence over new designs, and though he craves the position he still
wants to design the future 'bots. He cares little for the inner politics
of WAR, but simply loves the machines.

His knowledge of the internal workings of the HARs makes him a favorite
to win. He often will take a few hits and then return fire with
incredible accuracy.

> Angel <

Age: Unknown
Specialty: Unknown

Angel seemed to come out of nowhere. When her name was announced as a
finalist for the position, reporters were astounded by the fact that not
only did she not have any known background, but she wasn't even an
employee of the company!

She never talks with the other finalists, and until the competition has
not even been seen.

> Cossette <

Age: 39
Specialty: Space Station Design

Fifteen years ago, a sport called The Arena was the most popular event
of the day. Similar to HAR's, The Arena placed humans INTO a robot
frame, usually ten or fifteen meters in height. The Arena players used
various controls to fight their opponents while the crowd looked on.
Cossette fought in The Arena until a tragic accident left her crippled
from the waist down. Now she enjoys the feeling the HAR gives her, and
her success in designing two space stations has given her the
possibility of Ganymede. Cossette also was instrumental in the design
of Electra, a 'bot designed from an electromagnetic crystal found on

Cossette is very bitter about her injury, since so many have treated her
as inferior since the accident. She is still very defensive in combat,
but should never be underestimated.

> Raven <

Age: 26
Specialty: Bodyguard, Kick boxer

Nobody knows of Raven's life before becoming Kreissack's right-hand man,
but since coming on board in such an important position, he has
definitely made himself known. He is brutal both in and out of any
competition, and has killed more than two dozen people "in self
defense". Many believe that Kreissack wants Raven in the position at
Ganymede for his own devious purposes. Raven himself does want the
position, but not for Kreissack. He believes Kreissack is an ambitious
fool and wants nothing more than to someday let one of the assassins
intended for Kreissack accidentally slip through security and hit his

> Major Kreissack <

Age: 103
Specialty: President of WAR

Kreissack is responsible for the success of WAR It is rumored that
there is much more to the new colony than is known by the general
public. Many say that he is preparing to declare himself a new

Kreissack is the big boss you have to face at the end of the
"survive-and-advance" game.

[2.4] Robots

Once more from the manual:

Probably the most important choice as far as gameplay is concerned is
the HAR you choose to "jack up" with. Below are the descriptions of the
robots you can use in One Must Fall:2097.


Creator ......... : Ibrahim Hothe
Creation Date ... : December 4, 2070
Special Abilities : Jaguar Leap, Concussion Cannon, Overhead

The Jaguar is the ultimate rich man's toy. Many companies hire
full-time Jaguar pilots and 'bots as bodyguards. The speed of this
robot is nearly unsurpassed in a unit of its size. Though it was the
first ever security-intended HAR, it still holds weight as the most

With its incredible speed and dexterity, the Jaguar is capable of
leaping more than twice its height, delivering a blow strong enough to
crush buildings. It has a Smith & Winston 100-Ton Concussion Cannon,
which is primarily used for crowd control. This unit can do a flip over
any large enemy, grabbing it while upside down, and throw it more than
100 meters before the enemy has time to react.


Creator ......... : Unknown
Creation Date ... : January ??, 2096
Special Abilities : Shadow Dive, Shadow Punch, Shadow Slide,
Shadow Grab

Probably the most secretive project in the last twenty years, the Shadow
robot definitely earns its name. Somehow, the Shadow is capable of
generating quasi-real projections of itself. A single Shadow robot can
at times replace half a dozen conventional 'bots. Unfortunately, the
projections don't last for very long and any damage done to them is
"felt" by the host robot.

Since this is the newest HAR in the company's arsenal, many pilots hate
competing against it and find it hard to control. Once it is mastered,
though, it is a weapon to be reckoned with. WAR is still trying to
measure its purpose in future missions.


Creator ......... : Cliff Brussee
Creation Date ... : July 4, 2074
Special Abilities : Speed-Kick, Off-Wall Attack, Spike-Charge

A real favorite among the populace, the Thorn unit was the first to use
monofilament technology. The points of the "spikes" come to a single
molecule, which gives Thorn a punch that can cut through normal metal
like paper. This HAR can use its spikes to attack in several
different ways. His long legs also provide a powerful weapon at medium


Creator ......... : James Sweeney
Creation Date ... : June 5, 2076
Special Abilities : Fire Spin, Super Thrust Attack, Jet Swoop

The colossal Pyros unit is used primarily for space station design.
Normally, the unit is equipped with a huge array of tools necessary to
keep deep-space machinery in working condition. It uses its various jet
systems to move itself between various objects in space without needing
a shuttle or external jet pack.

In combat, the Pyros is a formidable arsenal of flame. It can change
direction in the air, jumping either forward or back while attacking,
and can "swoop" down on an enemy with a powerful blow. Pyros lacks
speed, but the damage caused by its flame throwers more than makes up
for its sluggish movement.


Creator ......... : Cossette Akira
Creation Date ... : March 8, 2077
Special Abilities : Ball Lightning, Rolling Thunder, Electric

The early Jupiter explorers realized that almost no electronic equipment
could function in the incredible storms on the planet's surface. Using
a crystal found only on Jupiter's moon, Io, scientists were able to create
Electra, a HAR capable of withstanding any type of charged particle.
Though the crystal is very strong, it is also one of the most expensive
molecules in existence. Until this contest, the Electra unit was seldom
seen in public.

As a combat robot, Electra is formidable. Not only is it fast, but
a touch from its hands can short circuit normal machinery. It can form
a flying ball of lightning which can turn a house to rubble. Electra can
also fly forward, rolling itself into a ball and striking with
considerable force. For defense, the unit can send small shards of
electric force, doing little damage but keeping an enemy at arm's length.


Creator ......... : Hans Kreissack
Creation Date ... : November 10, 2078
Special Abilities : Rising Blade, Head Stomp, Razor Spin

Often advertised as "The Ultimate Weapon", Katana is nothing more than
deadly force. Using monofilament blades for hands, this unit can carve
through a five-meter-thick wall of solid lead in less than ten seconds.
Behind the blades are two very strong legs which allow the Katana to
perform some amazing offensive maneuvers.

The Katana can jump, extending one arm upward, high enough to knock
airplanes out of the sky. It can use its powerful legs to stomp on an
enemy. It can also leap towards a wall, then use the force of the
rebound to turn itself into a spinning mass of sharp steel.


Creator ......... : Marcus Knight
Creation Date ... : February 30, 2086
Special Abilities : Head-Butt, Flip Kick, Flying Hands

Originally intended for mining operations, the Shredder now sees plenty
of combat time. One of the fastest HAR's, this unit can stun an enemy
before it can form an adequate defense. The mech's hands can
actually be thrown at an enemy and the magnetic systems on the arms will
pull them back. Shredder can also hurl itself head-first at an enemy,
using the blade on top of its head to do considerable harm. Many pilots
favor the unit's "Flip Kick", since it can jump over projectiles and then
hit the source with incredible speed.


Creator ......... : Stephen Jamison
Creation Date ... : May 19, 2083
Special Abilities : Spinning Throw, Charging Punch, Swinging

This 'bot is the greatest thing to happen to general construction work
since the hammer. Capable of building and demolition, it uses its five-
ton chains for the heavier jobs. This unit will be the primary model
used for the initial colonization of Ganymede.

When used for combat purposes, its chains come in handy. Most of the
special offensive maneuvers center around the use of these chains as
weapons. Also, the Flail can use its powerful Charging Punch, which is
guaranteed by WAR to level any wall built by man.


Creator ......... : Marcus Knight
Creation Date ... : March 16, 2068
Special Abilities : Diving Claw, Flying Talon, Wing Charge

Built for reconnaissance missions by the famous designer Marcus Knight,
the Gargoyle's power is in its titanium wings. Not only is this robot
tough enough to leave and reenter the Earth's atmosphere, but it is
dexterous enough to fly well below any conventional radar sensors. It
has built-in sensor countermeasures, making it a company favorite.

If you ever DO spot a Gargoyle, you won't be around for long.
Designed from a titanium alloy, its hollow skeletal structure is both
lightweight and strong. Its most used attack is to grab a victim, fly
it high into the air, and either slam it against the ground or into
another object. Sharp talons, feet, and beak provide a secondary
defense not to be taken lightly.


Creator ......... : Arjan Schmalz
Creation Date ... : October 31, 2072
Special Abilities : Small-Scale Teleportation, Matter Phasing,
Stasis Activator

The Chronos HAR was designed to lend a few precious moments to space
ship rescue. It comes in several sizes, from 1.5 meters to the largest
27.5 meter model. The main feature of the Chronos is its Stasis Field
Generator, a diamond-shaped machine in the middle of its chest. The
robot is designed and built to channel the energies from this machine
for various uses during time-critical rescue missions.

The energy from the Generator can be focused on the mech itself, causing
it to phase out and reappear nearby. This helps the 'bot get to
locations much faster than running, while taking less energy than
conventional matter transfer. When the Chronos comes against solid
matter, it can center the Generator on that matter to form a brief
doorway, allowing passage through the solid material to its destination.
Probably the unit's greatest strength lies in the Stasis Activator that
the Generator can expel. When this Activator connects with solid
matter, it forms a Stasis Field which stops time for a brief period.
This is especially useful for containing explosions, slowing effects of
poison on a living creature, or stopping objects in motion.

Many companies have also noted the possible uses of Chronos in combat

III. MOVES/TACTICS -----------------------------------------------------

[3.1] General Moves for all robots

This is the general setup we'll use for describing moves in
Section 3:

U U Up Arrow
D D Dn Arrow
F L or R Forward (Directional Arrow)
B L or R Back (Directional Arrow)
P(unch) B1 Ctrl
K(ick) B2 Alt

Here are some general moves that apply to all the 'bots. Try them

P Jab
B+K Strong Punch to Jaw
DB+K Strong Punch to Stomach

B+K High Sweep Kick
D+K Crouck Kick
DB+K Foot Sweep Kick

UF,(K or P) Flying Attack
UB,(K or P) Retreating Flying Attack

D,U+P Uppercut

[3.2] Special Moves/Combos for each robot

Special moves are moves akin to each particular robot, while
combos can be executed without using any special moves. A good
example of a combo would be a leg kick followed by an uppercut, or a
left punch followed by a right. See the Addendums section at the top
of this FAQ if you would like to add moves to this list.
The moves list for the shareware version was provided by Wirta
Wiriyan. Special moves for the registered version will be added in
the same fashion.

Notes: All robots are assumed facing right.
D - Down, B - Back, F - Forward, U - Up.
The moves listed are for keyboard moves. If you are using joystick or
Gravis gamepad, you can do the moves in a continuous motion. Example,
D, F, Punch => Do a quarter circle motion from Down to Forward and
then press punch.

Concussion Cannon : D, B, Punch
Jaguar Leap : D, F, Punch
Shadow Jaguar Leap : B, D, F, Punch
Overhead Throw : (when overhead) D + Punch

Shadow Punch : D, B, Punch
Shadow Slide : D, B, Kick
Shadow Grab : D, D + Punch
Shadow Dive : (Jump) D, F, Punch

Spike Charge : F, F, Punch
Speed Kick : D, F, Kick
Shadow Speed Kick : B, D, F, Kick
Off-The-Wall Attack : (Jump) (Near the wall) B, D, F, Kick

Super Thrust Attack : F, F, Punch
Shadow Super Thrust Attack : F, F, F, Punch
Jet Swoop : (Jump) D, Punch
Fire Spin : D, D, Punch

[3.3] Strategies for success

[3.3.1] Character/Robot Matchups

The key is to find bots that matchup with your pilot's
strengths. Thorn wouldn't be a good bot to use unless your character
has a high strength rating, while Shadow works better with high
agility ratings.
Shirro and Jaguar seem to be a pretty good combination, simply
because Shirro's hits stun the opponent so hard that a lack of agility
doesn't seem to matter too much. Shirro/Jaguar is the only combination
with which I've been able to beat Raven/Pyros in the shareware game.
Steffan/Shadow has worked well for other players, too, but I've had
very little luck with Crystal/Jaguar.

[3.3.2] Tactics for tournament mode

In tournament mode, I've tried a couple of different tactics,
and surprisingly, most of them have been successful. If you're good
at executing combo moves, shoot for power over speed. The speed of
the robot moves are often negligible, and a few good combos will stun
your opponent often. Then you can toss him over your shoulder more
than once (or in the case of Pyros, burn his metal ass).
One thing I've noticed is that you can deliberately throw
matches before you begin them in order to earn more money for your
robot before facing a touhgg opponent. Being the honest, hard-working
pilot I am, I would not recommend this tactic personally, since you
really aren't earning accolades for your craft, but if you find you're
short on cash and need to get in just one more Endurance course before
fighting Raven for the North Am title, there isn't any National
Robotics Ethics committee to stop you -- just a repaiman telling you
how pathetic you are for bailing out.

IV. CREDITS ------------------------------------------------------------

[4.1] Trademarks and Copyrights

THIS FAQ -- Copyright 1994 David J. Warner
ONE MUST FALL:2097 -- Copyright 1994 Rob Elam and Epic MegaGames, Inc.
STREET FIGHTER II -- Copyright 1991 Capcom, Ltd.
MORTAL KOMBAT, MKII -- Copyright 1992 Midway Co.
PRIMAL RAGE -- Copyright 1994 Atari Corp.

ZZT, Super-ZZT, Jill of the Jungle, Jazz Jackrabbit, Epic Pinball,
Xargon, Brix and Zone 66 are all copyrighted programs of Epic

[4.2] Contributors

Big ups to all the people who contributed something to this
FAQ (in alphabetical order):

Name e-mail address:

Thomas Axelsson
Rob Elam ? (are these guys on the net?)
Ryan Elam ?
Joshua Jensen ? (too lazy to type it in - sorry)
Dean O'Donnell do...@WPI.EDU
Tim Sweeney
Wirta Wiriyan

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