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Dec 5, 1995, 3:00:00 AM12/5/95
Info-IBMPC Digest Tue, 5 Dec 95 Volume 95 : Issue 183

Today's Editor:
Gregory Hicks - San Jose, CA <>

Today's Topics:
Administrivia - Info-IBMPC Operating Systems Coverage? (2 msgs)
Need Drivers for IN-2000
Re: Dusting off an old Amiga
convert pc files to Mac (3 msgs)
Cyrix Pentium class chip
plug and play software
Re: Slow Windows load up (v95#177)
GRID laptop boot from flopp
diagnostic programs for video board?
Re: Info-IBMPC Digest V95 #178
Re: Info-IBMPC Digest V95 #178
Re: Autorun Excel 5 Macro
BIOS Setting Question
Re: Conner Hard disk config. (2 msgs)
Device Redirection (2 msgs)

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Date: Wed, 6 Dec 1995 19:10:27 GMT
Subject: Administrivia - Info-IBMPC Operating Systems Coverage?

Dear Greg: I've been a happy reader of Info-IBMPC for several years,
but of late I've noticed an overwhelming number of messages pertaining
to OS/2, with relatively few on Windows '95; I am therefore beginning
to wonder if I have all along misunderstood the remit of the list. Is
it, in fact, a truly _IBM_ PC list (I have a PS/2 70/A21, so I do
believe in true blue!), or is it also intended for discussions of
clones and non-IBM software? I know of the existence of at least one
Windows-95 list, but the volume of traffic is so high that I am
extremely reluctant to join. I suppose what I'm looking for (and
indirectly asking if you of the existence of) is a nice focussed
digest, directly analogous to Info-IBMPC, but with rather more emphasis
on Windows'95 & DOS 7 than on OS/2. Am I asking for the moon?! **


Date: Wed, 6 Dec 95 15:52:02 EST
From: Gregory Hicks - San Jose Ca <>
Subject: Re: Administrivia - Info-IBMPC Operating Systems Coverage?


If you don't mind, I'm going to include your note in a very soon to
come issue of the Digest.

I've been trying to include stuff about other operating systems, but
. I haven't seen much on Windows '95. The lists I've subscribed to
to try and filter out the noise seem to have only advocates that don't
believe there is any other sort of operating system out there. And
these types of messages seem to be the only types on the list. No
technical notes at all. (Got any ideas on where to go?)

Let's see if there are other readers out there that want a Digest on
Windows '95. (Or if they want more W95 in this Digest?) I'll be glad
to include other stuff... Someone has to tell me what they'd like to
see though. I'd be glad to do a Digest.

Gregory Hicks


Subject: Need Drivers for IN-2000
From: Jeff Brielmaier <>
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 95 07:33:00 -0600

My brother has an Always IN-2000 SCSI controller and would like to an
updated BIOS ROM and drivers (especially and ASPI driver) for the card,
but it appears that Always has closed up shop since all of the known
telephone numbers result in a "the number has been disconnected"

Does anyone know if Always is still in business? If not, does someone
have the latest ROM image and drivers that I can get for my brother ?

The current info that I have for Always Technology:

Name: Always Technology BBS: 818-597-0275
Adr1: 5142 Clareton Dr, #270 SALES: 818-597-1400
Adr2: TECH: 818-597-1400
Adr3: Agoura Hills, CA 91301 FAX: 818-597-1496
Cmnt: SCSI HBA - AL-1000, AL-2000, etc FaxBack: ** none **


Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995 13:01:31 PST
Subject: Re: Dusting off an old Amiga

Hi DBH of Juneau, AK,
Yes, the Amiga and its Amiga OS is/was a fantastic machine.

There are features in there that have been there since inception (1985)
that some machines are just now starting to incorporate. When it first
came out it was basically a 256K machine with easy expansion to 512K
(at that time PCs could go to higher than 64K but there were always
switch settings to play with). Just plug the additional memory in and
turn it on - it worked. But even with 256K of memory it could easily
multi-task. And not some dopey hokey multi-tasking that Microsoft or
Apple threw together either! it really was true multi-tasking. For
example you could format a floppy drive in one drive and read SEVERAL
separate files on the other drive while you were printing something
while you were downloading something from the modem while you were
uncompressing some file(s) eleswhere while you were . . . etc! I have
done all that and more.

Plus for those people who wanted an iconic interface - it had it. Plus
for those people who wanted a command line interface - it had it.

Did you know that speech, 4-channel stereo speech, is built into the
operating system, it is. Try this, open a CLI (Command Line Interface)
window; and type this (case does not matter):


You with hear "this amiga is really a fantastic computer" come out of
the speakers.

Or you can open an icon to the Say tool (I forget exactly what it was
called iconically) and type in anything you want there also. The
difference there is you will additionally be shown the phoneyms (spl?)
used as the OS translates and parses out your typed words.

As for the future of the Amiga - it is pretty bleak. Commodore stopped
the manufacture about two years ago, with it really up in the air as to
who might be the next owner. There is at least one company out there
who is continuing on in making OS compatible machines, but their
machine will not use the special chip co-processors that the Amiga had.
Half of the Amiga power (maybe more) came from the special chips built
for the Amiga. It had a powerful video chip, the resolution was great
- back then, but now the PC has much higher resolutions (if the Amiga
had been successful I am sure it would still be a leader here still).
The base CPU off-loaded video tasks to the video chip.

And did you realize that you can have the display at different
resolutions AT THE SAME TIME! I don't mean just different windows, I
mean different resolutions. Such as you can have one screen (that is
the term) at some low resolution, another at a medium resolution, and a
third at some high resoultion (there are many different resoultion
numbers - which I can't remember) at on the display at the same time.
The screens could have as many windows open as you want on each too!
The only limitation there was that the resolution was set per scan
line. That means you could not have different resolutions on the same
scan line, but you could change the resolution in the next scan line.
The screens were just another sort of window - or sort of like a
"screen shade" that you just dragged down to expose the next screen
"underneath". Really cool.

PLUS, the video of the Amiga could be all the way out to the edges of
the display and then some. That means you had a display all the way
out to the edges. This was great for people who worked with video and
needed border-less viewing. For example someone who wants text to roll
through some video-clip they are editing and the text needs to come
from and go off the edges of the screen.

I could talk more on this, my favorite of all computers, but I'd only
start to cry - since it is now, pretty much a dead issue.

El Segundo, CA


Date: Tue, 5 Dec 1995 09:15:13 -0800 (PST)
From: Ryo Imamura <>
Subject: convert pc files to Mac

I need to convert some old text files written in Wordstar 5 for the PC
into Microsoft Works or Word files for the Mac. How can I do this in a
relatively uncomplicated way? Thanks for any suggestions.

Ryo Imamura


Date: Tue, 5 Dec 1995 23:19:21 +0200
From: Jyri Ruut <>
Subject: Re: convert pc files to Mac

I looked it up in my computer. The possible way could be following:
wordstar5 document-->read into wp6 (maybe also wp5)--->saved as
word2win or wp5 document-->read into word6-->saved as mac file.


Ju"ri Ruut e-mail:
Tartu Tervisekaitsetalitus ph.: (372) 7 422083
Tartu Public Health Service fax: (372) 7 465160
Veski 47, EE2400 TARTU, Estonia private: (372) 7 477930


Date: Wed, 6 Dec 1995 16:01:18 +1000
From: "Maurice H. Rich." <>
Subject: Re: convert pc files to Mac

> From: James Edwards <jedw...@MAIL.SDSU.EDU>

> As long as you have a 3.5 drive you can use "MacSee"- the shareware
>version is "crippleware" but will let you copy text to a HD MAC disk in
>your PC 3.5 drive. For someone who is doing a lot of MAC to PC
>conversions there is MacLink Plus for Windows from Dataviz. (Comes in
>MAC version also) This has dozens of file to file translators
>(including graphics); lets you format MAC disks in your PC; and for
>compatible programs (M$ WORD to M$ WORD etc) open & save directly.
>HTH Jim

for further info about the DataViz MacLink range of products, check out

Maurice H. Rich |
Technical Officer (Computing) | Ph +61 7 875 7489
Faculty of Environmental Sciences | Fax +61 7 875 7459
Griffith University, Nathan, Brisbane, QLD, Australia. 4111


From: "Ebow J. Halm" <>
Subject: Cyrix Pentium class chip
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 1995 10:26:50 -0500 (EST)

From scattered accounts I get the impression Cyrix, and maybe others
apart from NextGen, are shipping their pentium class chips. Can anyone
confirm this. I'm thinking of assembling a PC and would go with an
Intel alternate if the price/performance is better. I'd appreicate any
info about motherboards for these alternate chips. NextGen's didn't
have a floating point co-processor built in and was available only for
the VL bus, when it debued so I'm not considering it, unless it now
ships with one and has support for the PCI bus.


Ebow Halm


Date: Tue, 5 Dec 1995 16:10:49 -0500
From: "J. Dashiell" <>
Subject: plug and play software

Has anybody run icu.exe under dos and adjusted a sound card with it?
All that software does for me is an abnormal program termination when
it starts up.

jude <>


Date: Tue, 5 Dec 1995 17:42:31 +0200 (IST)
From: Eli Zaretskii <>
Subject: Re: Slow Windows load up (v95#177)

One other possible cause of slow load time is that your disk cache is
disabled. If you use Windows 3.1, install SmartDrv. For Windows 3.11
you can either use SmartDrv or enable 32-bit File Access (note: not
Disk Access, but File Access!); this will enable the WfWG's own cache
which is about twice as fast as SmartDrv. If no cache is installed,
chances are that your CPU is running circles around your disk. 32-bit
File Access is enabled from Control Panel/386 Enhanced/Virtual Memory,
right near the 32-bit Disk Access.


Date: 6 Dec 1995 09:26:17 -0500
From: ERDD/Fred Hall <>
Subject: GRID laptop boot from flopp

Does anyone have any info on how to change the bootup order on a GRID =
brand laptop?

The reason I ask is that a friend of mine came into possession of one =
(without docs of course). It has a 3 1/2 floppy A: drive and a 20M C: =
HD. The problem was the hard drive was "stacked" at one time, but the =
Stacker drivers were lost.

So upon bootup, the HD only had 1M free space and no DOS files to speak =

I ran FDISK and FORMAT from a DOS 6.2 floppy and now the HD is all clean. =
The problem now is that the computer tries to boot off the HD (C:) only =
and won't look at the floppy disk, so I can't boot off a floppy to =
install DOS back on the HD.

I took the thing apart looking for DIP switches or jumpers to change the =
boot order but couldn't find anything. I was able to boot off a floppy =
by disconnecting the HD controller cable, but when I "hot" reconnected =
the cable after booting off the floppy, the system still wouldn't see the =
HD there.

Any suggestions or phone numbers for GRID?

Fred Hall -


Date: Wed, 6 Dec 1995 13:39:49 +0200 (IST)
From: Lenny Garfinkel <>
Subject: diagnostic programs for video board?

My computer which I bought nearly a year ago (486/66, 8 mb RAM) has
never really worked properly. Lately, I have had more than the usual
number of crashes while running windows 3.1 applications. Lots of
dialog boxes informing me that the program in question has caused a
General Program Fault (did I get this right) at location xxxx:xxxx.

I took the computer in finally when I realized that my warranty expires
next week. They can't find any problem and assume that the problem is
my installation of the programs. I have installed and re-installed
them several times on the reformatted 340 Mb disk. I have always
suspected the video memory. Can anyone suggest any programs available
from SimTel or other accessible server with GOOD diagnostic programs?


Lenny Garfinkel

Dr. Leonard Garfinkel | Internet:
Bio-Technology General | Office Phone: 972-8-381256
Kiryat Weizmann | Home Phone: 972-8-451505
Rehovot, Israel | FAX: 972-8-409041


Date: Wed, 06 Dec 95 18:42:24 SLT
From: ahmed <>
Subject: Re: Info-IBMPC Digest V95 #178

Hello :
when you want to make upgraderom 4 mb to 8 or 12 mb that easily
when adde ed to the other slot 72 pin when you add 4 mb the total is 8
mb and if you add 8 mb the total is 12 mb .

thank you.


Date: Wed, 06 Dec 95 18:50:49 SLT
From: ahmed <>
Subject: Re: Info-IBMPC Digest V95 #178

Hello Itzik Lavi
when you want to use 32 bit on the HD WD must you install two
diskette when came with autocad ver.13 no.24 and no.25 when work

with regards

Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 20:17:31 -0500
From: "L. Chen" <>
Subject: Re: Autorun Excel 5 Macro

On Thu, 30 Nov 1995 Adrian Skeates <a...@KCC.CO.UK> wrote:

>Would there be an Excel expert here? I'm now running Excel 5.0 and
>have created a macro that opens up and 'massages' some imported CSV
>files before performing some basic data analysis.

There are many Excel users on the newsgroup comp.apps.spreadsheets. If
you don't have access to usenet, there is a mailing list on Excel.
Information is as follows:


EXCEL-G is an open, unmoderated give-and-take list relating to
Microsoft's Windows spreadsheet product, Excel. Virtually any topic
related to Excel, from the novice level to professional tips/advice, is
germane. Please note that the list is NOT sponsored or otherwise
recognized by MICROSOFT, although MS professionals are certainly
welcome to subscribe and participate.

EXCEL-G was created as an offshoot of EXC...@PEACH.EASE.LSOFT.COM,
the Excel Developers' List, to handle general questions and answers
primarily for new and/or inexperienced users of Excel.

Archives of EXCEL-G mail items are kept in weekly files. You may
obtain a list of files in the archives by sending the command


in the BODY of e-mail to LIST...@PEACH.EASE.LSOFT.COM.

To subscribe, send the following command in the BODY of mail

SUB EXCEL-G yourfirstname yourlastname

For example:

SUB EXCEL-G Bill Gates

Owner: Nathan Brindle <>

Lily Chen


Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995 19:56:59 -0800
From: John Renna <>
Subject: BIOS Setting Question

I have a AMI bios and there is a setting under the wait-state are
called CHKLI and the value is "6" with other values to be a assigned
ranging down <1,2,3,4,5>. Would the performance improve with lower
this value and what does CHKLI refer to, i.e.: processor speed, RAM
access, etc.?


John Renna

Business Computing Consultant
VOICE (714) 730-6517
FAX (714) 573-2909


Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 21:13:04 EST
From: Gregg Wardlaw <>
Subject: Re: Conner Hard disk config.

I don't know about Conner but on a Seagate when I added another Seagate
as a slave, I did have to change a jumper on the master to let it know
that a slave was present.

Gregg Wardlaw
1420 Experiment Station Rd.
Watkinsville, GA 30677
Phone 706-769-5631


Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 23:31:54 -0600
From: Tom Hendrix <>
Subject: Re: Conner Hard Disk Config.

Thanks all for the responses. I was surprised to find I had to change
a jumper on the Seagate drive. Sure glad I asked for assistance!

" If you insist that something cannot be done, please do not stand in
the way of those doing it."

Tom Hendrix, Electronics Instructor
Boonslick Area Vo-Tech School
Rt. 4 Box 76
Boonville, Mo. 65233
E-mail: ( preferred )
work phone: (816) 882-5306
home phone: (816) 841-5287


Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 09:35:56 -0500
From: Dennis Young <>
Subject: Device Redirection

I have 2 devices I want to redirect. Whenever I print to LPT1: , I
would like it dumped to a file. Can I do this? Even if I have to
specify the file each time, that's OK. (i.e. SomeProgram >>
theOutpt.txt will redirect stdout to the file theoutpt.txt. I'd like
something similar for LPT1: ).

Also, how can I redirect stderr? I'd like all errors in a file rather
than on the screen.

Thanks for your help.

-Dennis (sorry, I don't have a clever .sig)


Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 12:47:30 +0200
Subject: Re: Device Redirection

Hi Dennis,
there is a program 'PRN2FILE'. I think this program will help you.
Cut this message and UUENCODE it.

[I've cut the included file. If you want it, drop me a note and ask
for PRN2FILE.UUE. gph]


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