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Unofficial Emu48 Update

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Apr 21, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/21/98

An unofficial update of Emu48 is available at for download. It based on the
original Emu48 V1.0 and solve some problems especially with NT. I'm still
working on this emulator (ie. adding serial support), but I have some
hardware specific questions:

- are interrupts edge or level triggered?
- an interrupt is in service, another interrupt occur, what will happen after
the RTI command? Will the requested interrupt be serviced or ignored?
- the current implementation of timer1/2 isn't correct, I need information
when a timer interrupt occur (seem to be 0x0 -> 0xf in timer1), and the
behavior of the timer control registers (i.e. service request bit). I have
some problems with the interrupt handling, when I slow down the emulation
- I need the machine cycles for commands not found in the HP 71 (not
described in SASM.DOC, marked with **)

There is a french description of interrupt handling, but I can read only
english or german documents.

Any information is welcome.

Greetings Christoph Gießelink,

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