Testing HP821634 A Video Interface

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John Quirke

Sep 11, 2021, 12:12:43 PM9/11/21
Hi, years ago, I bought a HP821634A video interface from the USA well, I've never used it and I want to sell it. So, I've tried testing it. So, I hooked it up to a TV and no joy. I then looked further (back page of the manual!) and found out that one needs a HP 82163B for the UK and that will only work with a monitor!!! 8-(

So, am I wasting my time with this and should really get it recycled? Or, is there some adapter that I can get to hook the composite output up to a modern monitor? Any thoughts/advice will be much appreciated.


Raymond Wiker

Sep 11, 2021, 2:21:03 PM9/11/21
I've had reasonably good results with the composite input on some
not-so-recent Dell monitors, specifically 2005FPW and (possibly with
slightly worse results) 2007FPW. There are also fairly cheap converters
available, for converting composite video to HDMI. Any of these should
have no problem with your video interface, even though it was built for
US standards.
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