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Reading HP3000 tapes on a Sun 4mm DAT drive

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Tony Payne

Jul 29, 1994, 1:38:02 AM7/29/94
Hi there,

I posted several weeks ago regarding transferring data from an HP3000 to
a Sun via 4mm DAT. Well, I ended up with 3 different solutions.

1). There are a few public domain programs out there for the 3000's which
write tar format tapes. Tried this. It worked.

2). If you use fcopy to create an ANSI standard labelled tape, you can read
it by skipping the first file on the tape and using dd. -Hint-. use the maximum
record per block value you can (255 from memory). Doing this improved the
performance of the read by about 20-fold!.

3). Run the version of MPE which has the POSIX shell. This enables you to
create tar tapes also. Didn't try this as our HP3000's have an earlier
version of the OS.

We settled on using option 1, even though I would have preferred 2 as it uses
standard, supported commands.


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Nov 20, 2022, 2:24:18 PM11/20/22
Thanks for the update!
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