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PA-RISC in a PC box (was: Re: HP's vision of a low-end 3000)

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Stan Sieler

Feb 20, 1996, 3:00:00 AM2/20/96
Jeanette writes:

> Note - At COMDEX last year a PA-RISC chip was demonstrated in a 486 PC. All
> that is needed now is MPE/iX to be loaded on this chip!!

That's probably the Winbond W89K PA-RISC Embedded Controller chip, which
was released around 7/1994. The chip is a level 0 implementation of
PA-RISC 1.1 (revision 3). It is pinout compatible with a 80486DX
chip, so you can put it into the 486 socket of a pc clone ... and replace
the BIOS chips with BIOS chips from Winbond ... voila! a PA-RISC
development system.

Level 0 implementation means that there is *NO* virtual addressing ...
everything operates in real mode :(

For more information, contact Winbond at: (408) 943-6666 (fax: (408) 943-6668).

or visit their web page at:

Stan Sieler

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