Anyone remember the utility FIL on RSTS/E?

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Will Hartung

Oct 28, 2020, 12:22:52 PM10/28/20
Back in the day on the 11/70 at school running RSTS/E, they had a utility, File Maintenance Utilty (I think), invoked with the command "FIL".

It basically let you go from file to file, essentially presenting a file name with a prompt. It let you delete files, rename them, copy them, I think, other things, that I can't recall.

One of its functions was it had a library facility. You could create a library and add files to it. This mostly was used to save block space. I think the minimum file size at the time was one block, 512 bytes, so you could save space by archiving little files in to one of these. It didn't compress as I recall.

But I was curious if anyone remembered this and, hopefully, has perhaps a link to the documentation for it. Just curious what its command set was.

I don't believe it was a standard RSTS/E utility, but I don't know.

At the time, I used it religiously.

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