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Login/Registration Lemon64

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Andreas Kohlbach

Jan 8, 2024, 7:32:52 PMJan 8
Hope that is on topic here.

Quite some time ago I registered on Lemon64. Login now says I provided a
wrong password. And that all had been reset January 2023 anyway.

So I click on "Forgot password". But instead of my username it asks for
the email address I registered. I seem to have forgotten what email
address I used back then. Lemon should also offer to provide a username.

Trying to register a new account with the old username Lemon of course
says that username was given already.

Their FAQ is also not helping much.

Anyone nay idea how to get my old account back? Otherwise I need to
register a new username.

Felice Murolo

Jan 9, 2024, 4:20:16 AMJan 9
PhPBB, the forum software of lemon site, needs your old email to reset

BTW, Lemon is a strange site. It seems to be without the possibility of contact
from an outsider.

You can register a new account and, from this, write to one of the
administrators or to all the administrators to have the password of the old
account reset. Naturally you will have to provide proof that you are actually
the holder of the old account.


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