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Ben Dewberry

Dec 12, 1993, 4:53:02 AM12/12/93
G'day Peter,
I don't recall your previos post on this subject, is the prog.
PP> I posted a few weeks back about problems
PP> with ZipCode on my C128/1571
PP> setup. Most people seemed to suggest the
PP> 1571 was the problem, so I
PP> got hold of a 1541 to use it with and it all now works OK. A few
you're talking about the one that need four files prefixed with a
number and exclamation mark thus 1!. I've unreliable results from this
prog. too. I've got a 128D and and external 1571, I've found that the
disk that I'm copying from has to be a 41 formatted disk or the prog.
doesn't like the track and sector numbers and won't unzip the files.
Even using a 71 formatted disk with just the four files causes an
PP> people also suggested switching the 1571 to 1541 mode, but I can't
PP> find the manual for it yet (I thought it
PP> was in 1541 mode automatically
PP> when booting the C128 in C64 mode?).
You are refering to holding the C= key when turning on of course.
Your'e right if thats what you mean but there is also a command you
can send to lock it to 41 mode "U0>M0"
It could be that your drive has an older rom that's got probs. the
later versions fixed. If you decide to update the rom, get a Jiffy dos
rom. Its got the updated rom as well as JD. If you get a Ramlink then
you're set. I did it that way with my two drives but I've just got an
FD4000 so I had to get the Kernal rom as well. Its much easier to have
the dos commands there when you turn on that having to load them in

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