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Guidelines for posting to comp.sys.atari.announce

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Kevin Savetz

Sep 23, 2001, 12:30:22 AM9/23/01
comp.sys.atari.announce is a moderated newsgroup dedicated
to news relevant to Atari computer users.

** Guidelines for posting to comp.sys.atari.announce **

comp.sys.atari.announce is a moderated newsgroup. In order to be approved,
posts must offer news relevant to Atari computer users.

What kinds of posts will be approved?
* Relevant to Atari computers: 8-bit, ST/TT/Falcon, Portfolio,
Atari's PC clones, or clones of Atari computers.
* Topics may include software, hardware, Web sites and other Internet
resources, events, emulators, and other news relevant to Atari users.
* Commercial posts and press releases are acceptable.

What kinds of posts will not be approved?
* Any post that is not relevant to Atari computer users.
* For sale posts are generally not approved unless they come
from a developer or dealer that wishes to announce new pricing
for product. Sale or auction announcements from end users will
not be approved unless they are, for some reason, extraordinary.
* Posts that are not informative.
* Posts that are not in English.
* Posts that aren't reasonably understandable (due to, for instance,
significant grammar problems.)

How do I post a message?
* Simply use your newsreader to post your message to
* Alternatively, you may e-mail your post to
* Please do not crosspost. You are welcome to post your announcement
on other relevant newsgroups (for instance,
or .8bit) but please do so as a separate posting.
* Your post will be reviewed by the moderator, within a few days.
If accepted, it will then be posted to the newsgroup. If it is
rejected, you will receive an explanation via e-mail.

How do I follow up to announcements?
* Followups to c.s.a.a announcements should be posted to
a relevant Atari discussion group such as comp.sys.atari.8bit or Followups should not be posted to c.s.a.a.
Kevin Savetz <>
Curator of the Digital Antic Project --
& --
Moderator of news:comp.sys.atari.announce -- Atari computer news

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