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Jul 29, 1995, 3:00:00 AM7/29/95
July 29, 1995

I'm selling all my Atari hardware, software, etc. that I've collected over
the last 10 years to make room for the stuff I'm going to collect over the
next 10 years! ;)
Here we go...


1 130XE (w/128K RAM and custom power supply)
1 256K ICD MIO (w/XE adaptor, controller card, 20 meg HD & 40 meg HD)
1 Sanyo green/mono monitor
1 XF551 DS/DD 5 1/4" disk drive (w/manuals & DOS 2.5 diskette)
1 Atari 1025 Dot matrix printer
1 ICD R-Time 8 cartridge (1 year old battery)
1 Supra 2400 baud modem
All cables, power supplies, etc. necessary
1 Atari 1064 memory module (to upgrade a stock 600XL to 64K RAM)
300-400 various 5 1/4 floppies (God only knows what is on most of them
MIDI Mate module

8-Bit Software (All with original package and manuals):

BBS Express Professional (node #444)
Hybrid Arts' MIDIPatch
Virtuoso Desktop Performance Studio
Sherlock 1050
Solar Star
Seven Cities of Gold
Realm of Impossibility
Pinball Construction Set
One On One
Movie Maker
Archon II: Adept
Lords of Conquest
Mail Order Monsters
Cut & Paste (EA's Word Processor)
Mercinary (w/Second City Disk)
Raster Blaster
The Halley Project
Buck Rogers (cart)
Airball (cart)
Archon (cart)
Barnyard Blaster (cart)
Battlezone (cart)
Crossbow (cart)
Dark Chambers (cart)
David's Midnight Magic (cart)
Desert Falcon (cart)
Food Fight (cart)
Thunderfox (cart)
Atari Word Processor (CX404 - For the old 800s)
Coversational Italian / Conv. Spanish (cass)
Atari Light Lab Module
Atariwriter 80
Atari Microsoft BASIC II
Atari Speed Reading (cass)
States & Capitals (cass)
**I've also got old Atari Computer game carts including Defender, Pacman,
Missile Command, etc., but haven't gone through that box yet...


Assorted issues from Antic and Analog (don't ask me which ones, I have NO
idea anymore)
and diskettes
Compute's First/Second/Third Book(s) of Atari (took me forever to complete
the set)
Mapping the Atari
De Re Atari
Compute's Book of Atari Graphics
Your Atari Guide to 400/800 Personal Computing
Users Guide to Atari
Atari Games and Recreations
Games for Your Atari Computer
Atari Assembler

Still reading this?!? COOL!! In that case, here's some more...

ST Hardware:

1 520 ST (512K w/mouse & power supply)
1 SMM804 Dot matrix printer (that worked until I changed the DIP switches
and forgot where
they were to begin with... Duh...)
1 SF413 DS external disk drive
1 PS3000 Color monitor (w/SS internal disk drive)
PLUS - Cables and power supplies to make it all go.
MIDI cables

ST software (all with boxes and manuals):

Microsoft Write
Leather Goddesses of Phobos
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Great Chefs #s 1, 2, &3
and a few others...

100 or so assorted floppies

* * Now that you've read this far, here is what I want for all of this * *

$400 obo.

I can be haggled with and we can work out something for shipping because
this is a buttload of goodies, after all.

Leave me email at Greg...@Aol.Com.

Thanks for your time!

Greg Littlefield
Austin, TX


Aug 2, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/2/95
Everything is sold! Thanks to everyone who replied, but it went a LOT
faster than I thought it would!

Greg Littlefield
Austin, TX

Jeffrey Wood

Aug 7, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/7/95
GregLegg <greg...@aol.com> writes:

>I'm selling all my Atari hardware, software, etc. that I've collected over
>the last 10 years to make room for the stuff I'm going to collect over the
>next 10 years! ;)
>Here we go...

anything left? if so, i'm interested.
email me at "woo...@delphi.com"

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