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Theo Schneider

Jun 2, 1991, 5:03:13 AM6/2/91


May 20, 1991

Complete Technology, Inc.
Vince M. Cooper
2443 S. Colorado Blvd. Suite 221
Denver, Colorado 80222

Complete Technology, Inc. Announces
COMPLETE Pascal Version 2.0

Denver, Colorado: Complete Technology, Inc. announced the release of
COMPLETE Pascal version 2.0 today. This new compiler upgrade will begin
shipping on June 5th, 1991.

COMPLETE Pascal 2.0 upgrades many of the features found in Complete Pascal
1.0 (TML Pascal II), with major emphasis placed on the graphic based resource
editor. We believe this upgrade makes COMPLETE Pascal the most up to date
and full featured Pascal development environment now available for the Apple
IIGS computer, states Vince Cooper, president of Complete Technology.

COMPLETE Pascal 2.0's new resource editor now fully supports virtually every
resource type defined for the Apple IIGS. New resource importing features
make it possible for a user to incorporate resources from various outside
sources, as well as to re-use resources created for use in other applications
created with the integrated editor.

The new resource editor contains full graphic Icon and Cursor Editors,
support for Picture controls, List controls, and several string controls not
supported by earlier versions of the software system. All string editors
have been rewritten making them simpler for a programmer to create and edit
all types of string controls. In particular the Alert/Error String editor
now fully supports all available options, including custom window sizes and
replacement strings. In addition, COMPLETE Pascal 2.0's resource editor
allows most of the newly supported controls to easily be added to a window's
content control list without any additional work on the programmer's part.

The Cut and Paste features of the new resource editor have also been
considerably enhanced. Programmers may now have multiple resource forks open
on the desktop and freely copy resources between them. When pasting a
resource or super resource from another file all duplicate control ID numbers
are changed in the receiving file so that no items are overwritten. Deleting
a super resource such as a window and its associated controls or a menu and
its associated strings now causes all dependent controls to also be removed
from the file.

A new Import feature added to COMPLETE Pascal 2.0's resource editor now
allows a programmer to attach a Code Resource to a program. We have also
added a "CallCode" procedure to the CTIUtils library which allows the user to
easily call the installed code resource. This new feature now makes it
possible to easily take advantage of assembly language subroutines from
within a COMPLETE Pascal 2.0 program. The import feature also allows the
addition of user created resources, sound resources, and resource types that
are as of yet undefined.

A new Hex/Ascii viewer now allows the user to view resource definitions that
are not editable using the COMPLETE Pascal resource editor. Clicking on
undefined resources in the editor will now automatically bring up the viewer
so that a programmer may determine the type and content of the resource.

Several known bugs in both the compiler and the resource editor have also
been repaired making COMPLETE Pascal 2.0 the most problem free and enjoyable
programming environment produced by Complete Technology. We have also added
some new demo programs to the disk showing how to use the printer and other
devices from within a Pascal program, as well as how to create and use data
files from the generic Pascal file system.

New documentation will be shipped with all upgrade orders. Our manual has
been updated to include all of the new features found in Pascal 2.0, and at
the request of a large number of product owners is now bound in a large 3-
ring binder which easily remains open to the correct page while on your desk.
We believe you will find our new manual to be complete and much easier to

The COMPLETE Pascal 2.0 upgrade is available for only $34.95 plus $7.00
shipping and handling to those individuals and organizations that elected to
become part of Complete Technology's support and update system for TML's
former clients. Those that did not elect to become part of the support
system may still obtain COMPLETE Pascal 2.0 for $59.95 plus $7.00 shipping
and handling. Lab Pack and Network version owners may also upgrade by
calling Complete Technology for details.

Orders are being accepted now. Charge cards will be charged 24 hours before
shipment, checks will be deposited 5 days before shipment to allow them to
clear our bank. We have made changes and hired new people in our shipping
department in an effort to speed up our product delivery. All orders are
now shipped within 48 hours of receipt. Overnight orders received before
3:00 P.M. are shipped on the same day they are received. Overnight shipping
is available for an additional $12.00, and are shipped via Airborne Express.


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