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Would anybody want a broken IIGS AppleColor RGB monitor?

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Aug 9, 2020, 9:18:49 PM8/9/20
While furloughed, I was helping my my mother clean out her basement and I found my old IIGS AppleColor RGB monitor that I thought I got rid of 20 years ago. It is broken. See this post for all the details I recall:!msg/comp.sys.apple2/oiWUhySvLSc/QeI0mP9ei_kJ;context-place=forum/comp.sys.apple2
I don't recall much more of the details on what is wrong with it and that post actually reminded me of some I had forgotten, and my IIGS is in storage (with the working replacement I found) so i can't test it.
I have a replacement I got used, which is why I thought I threw it out.

I know that Apple II equipment is hard to replace these days and some people on these boards are hobbyists that can repair things.
If anybody wants it so they can try to fix it, it's at my mom's house in Arlington Heights, Illinois. I don't need it, and all it will cost you is the trip.

I imagine that due to the weight it would be expensive to ship, but I can easily put it out on the curb if anybody wants to come pick it up. Drop me a line if you want us to put it out on the curb, just don't ask to come on a Tuesday as that is Garbage Day and she might get in trouble for leaving electronics out on that day.

Otherwise I might just take it to Best Buy for recycling.

Also if anybody thinks that's the best thing to do, I'll do that.

Aug 11, 2020, 10:39:06 AM8/11/20
Just to be clear, I'm asking if anybody wants the thing. I'll give it for free if they want to come to Arlington Heights to pick it up, or you can pay for S&H, but I have no idea how much it would cost to package and ship it via UPS (There's a UPS store about a mile away). Due to COVID I'd probably just leave it either at the curb or on the front step.
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