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Apple II's and accessories for sale

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Mar 18, 2019, 5:13:09 PM3/18/19
I am selling my inventory of apple2 computers. A brief listing of items includes:
1 IIc w/ 2 power supplies and Disk IIc drive

11 Apple II+ w/ Disk][ drives if needed (imagine a 40 year old computer that still runs! Who woulda thunk it)

20 Apple //e systems (most are enhanced) w/ Disk][ or Duodisk drives if needed

3 IIgs systems w/ rgb monitor, SCSI harddrive, Disk 5.25, 3.5 drive(s), SystemSaverGS

12 Monitor II

3 Monitor /// w/ stand

3 generic monochrome monitors

1 12" monitor

3 Imagewriters or Apple DMP printer

1 Imagewriter wide-carriage

6 ImagesriterII

1 Apple Pen Plotter

miscellaneous interface cards

Zip100 disks, 3.5 disks (DD and HD) 5.25 floppies some unopened/unused

old imagewriter ribbons

Ask about Laser 3.5 drives or UDC controllers, CFFA, Synetic SSD, etc.

If interested in any of these items contact me soon

<steven-nelson at>

three one nine three five four one seven six two

Located in Iowa City Iowa 52240


Alexander Kaltsas

May 22, 2019, 2:55:55 PM5/22/19
If anyone is interested in some of this fine collection and is going to
Kansasfest I would be able to facilitate delivery when I drive into

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