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Ending the confusion between AppleLink PE and CE?

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Murph Sewall

Sep 12, 1989, 9:58:08 PM9/12/89
Interesting reading in the 11 September 1989 InfoWorld (page 38). The
following is a paraphrase of an article by Yvonne Lee

America Online?

Apple is withdrawing its name and perhaps some of its support from the
services Quantum Computer has been developing as "AppleLink Personal
Edition." When the Macintosh product, currently in beta test, is
released next month, the Apple 2 and Macintosh services will be merged.

Sources close to Quantum say the company also intends to merge the
Apple-related services with its Q-Link service for Commodore computers
and PC-Link for IBM compatibles. Macintosh beta testers already have
noticed that in recent releases the Apple forum "Apple Headquarters" is
just another listing under "Computering and Software." Nancy Beckman,
a Quantum spokeswoman said that the new integrated service will be
known as "America Online."

The relationship between Apple and Quantum is still in flux, but
spokeswoman Beckman confirmed that Apple is no longer a "full partner."
Paul Gernhardt, Quantum's manager of on-line computing services,
recently sent a memo to Apple forum leaders saying "As part of the new
agreement, we've taken a step away from Apple to gain some advantages
-- the most important is having more flexibility in marketing our

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it came fully loaded.
It was guaranteed for 90 days,
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Lynda Botez

Sep 13, 1989, 10:40:12 PM9/13/89
In regard to Murph Sewall's post about changes occurring to AppleLink (the
Personal Edition)...

I logged on Applelink last night, and was surprised to see a letter in my
mailbox mentioning that big changes were going to occur on September 15th, and
that the pricing structure was going to change to something more affordable.

Hopefully this is so. I would imagine that in order to support a rate
decrease, they will need more online users. As nice as it is to have only
Apple users on line, I would prefer a less costly system, with a very good
Apple section.

Of course, I have no idea what they have in mind, but hopefully we will see a
more affordable price to get more users on line for less cost.

If this is so, I might spend more time on Applelink (or whatever they call
it); but right now even $6 an hour is too much for what you get.


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