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Do You Know Of Anyone With This iMac Technical Problem?

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Jul 26, 2001, 12:43:54 AM7/26/01
Here are the symptoms:
Waking from sleep or restarting from the "Special Menu" results in the
computer sounding as if it is starting or waking up, but the monitor stays
off...or it *starts* to go on but then switches off suddenly.

Sometimes starting up completely cold (i.e. after power has been turned off
completely) gets around the problem with the monitor not coming on...but
generally not for long.

In earlier model iMacs, the power button on the main part of the computer
turned and remained green, even during restarts and the like, giving this
problem the name "Green Light of Death". It apparently indicates the
failure of the Analog board and possibly the Logic Board.

If you took your computer in for repairs, have experienced these symptoms or
know someone who has, I would appreciate your Emailing me trikky (at) . I would like to know as many details as possible since I am
currently dealing (at this stage not too successfully) with Apple because
initial "research" has shown this problem to be quite prevalent.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
Trikky T; Vancouver, B.C. Canada
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Ron Bean

Aug 6, 2001, 1:22:58 AM8/6/01
in article, Trikky at wrote on 7/25/01 22:43:

Before you take it in try any of the disk repair tool (Disk First Aid) that
is built in. Then get a copy of Norton Utilities installed and then run
their diagnostics tests.


Aug 17, 2001, 1:58:53 PM8/17/01
in article, Ron Bean at
wrote on 8/6/01 1:22 AM:

Ron! If I knew you, I'd be disappointed. Instead I shall give you a firm
finger waggling for that silly advice.

Obviously, Norton can not fix a "no image on screen" problem. Norton is a
disk repair utility and this fellow's problem is obviously not the type of
thing that Norton could fix.

My professional advice would be that if you feel comfortable doing a RAM
upgrade on your iMac then try reseating the RAM and processor board by
taking the unit apart as if you were going to upgrade the RAM. While your in
there, check the VRAM next to the processor card and reset the CUDA chip by
pressing the little button on the logic board to the right of the processor
card and to the back.

Barring this, I would tend to agree with the analog board/power supply

Getting a non-warranty hardware repair done, you should look at two things:

1. What kind of time line can they commit to? Ie: do they guarantee feedback
on your repair within 24 hrs? (or something to that effect) How long does it
take to get a part in? (Answer: 24 to 48 hours unless Apple doesn't even
have any or they're completely incompetent.) You'd be surprised. Some places
take a week or more just to look at it!

2. Are they an Apple Authorized Service Center? This is important. You want
a new/refurbished part from Apple not a used part from another machine.
Apple also gives a 90 day warranty on the parts replaced and the service to
replace the same parts again should that be required because you got a bad

If you're in Toronto, let me know and I'll recommend a good place to go.
Otherwise, good luck.

Hope this helps.


Jim Smith

Jan 28, 2002, 2:52:25 PM1/28/02
In article <>, TheDoctor
<> wrote:

Had the same problem. I did a clean install of the system software and
update to latest version available and the problem stopped.

Good luck.

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