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CP/M for the PCW16: Update 1.02

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John Elliott

Jul 17, 2022, 7:04:57 PM7/17/22
Following the recent clarification of the Digital Research CP/M licence (see <>) I've bestirred myself to update PCW16 CP/M to include genuine Digital Research CP/M rather than the workalike components I'd used up to now. This means it no longer needs to have a separate startup disc that's had the necessary components copied onto it from an old-style PCW.

I've also simplified the build process so it doesn't need to copy files to and from a real floppy disc.

This is, in some ways, the distribution I should have made for SD Microsystems back in 1999 when I first created PCW16 CP/M. Still, better late than never, I hope.

The only changes from 1.01 are the minimal ones necessary to support using genuine Digital Research CP/M.

You can find the 1.02 release and source code at <>.

John Elliott
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