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Connor Sterner

Jul 22, 2004, 7:08:23 AM7/22/04

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<> wrote in message
> When You Hear The Heavy Accent & The Poor Phone Connection... HANG UP!!
> -
> I think you must know what I'm talking about. Together, a heavy foreign
> coupled with a lousy phone connection can only mean one thing... An
> operation, in a place like India, China, The Philippines, etc.; where some
> greedy American corporation is saving a few pieces of Silver and
> American workers in the process.
> -
> The best thing you can do is hang up... look for the companies' on-shore
> and complain! Tell them you're sick and tired of sub-standard services by
> who speak English so poorly that you can hardly communicate... are most
> poorly trained... have little accountability for the advice they give
you... often can't be
> heard clearly because of a poor satellite phone connection... conveniently
> their caller-ID... give themselves phony names like 'Tina' or 'Jimmy' (to
deceive you
> into thinking they're local) and most often provide no avenue to escalate
an issue
> to someone who can really help.
> -
> Corporations will only end this practice if they see they're losing their
> base as a consequence. Let's start doing our part by starting a
> movement...
> -
> When You Hear The Heavy Accent & The Poor Phone Connection... HANG UP!
> -
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