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Aug 23, 2004, 12:22:32 PM8/23/04

I have about 1.5 gigs worth of data I'd like to move to CDROM to back it up.
I also want future access to it via a PC, so the cdrom disk format would
have to be fairly standard. I want it in a fairly usable format, so
something like ADF probably wouldnt be prudent here.

My machine is an A500 with IDE dataflyer, 68020/030 at 25/33, 2mb fast / 1mb
chip. Running OS3.1. Using amitcp slipping into a machine, so the machine
is online, internet-capable.


1> use an IDE cdrom burner on the amiga directly. What about software? Is
there freeware burning software available? Does the software run on 3.1?
Does the CDs it burns standard ISO format, ie can my PC read them? How fast
can my amiga burn? 2x? 4x?

2> compress/tar the files together into a couple 600mb archives. Is LHA
1.38a as fast as I'm going to get? Are there faster arc'ers/zip'ers ? Does
compression even make sense, given how long it could take to compress them?
Based on what I can tell, unless compression yields 50%+, compression might
not make sense. It may take longer to compress and transfer, than to just
transfer the uncompressed files.

3> How do I transfer? zmodem w/ resume serially? ftp, rcp, some other
network-based protocol?

As far as compression and transfers, how resilient to disk errors are these
processes going to be? When I was doing some initial dry runs, any read
errors halt the process with a requester retry/cancel. Do I simply get one
of those goofy click utilities to always press cancel? I really don't want
to run any disk check/repair utilities on my HD BEFORE backing it for fear
that I might hose up the disks before I back them up.

Obviously, once its on a PC, I can burn from there....

That reminds me, is there any hard limit on filesizes on the amiga
filesystem? I forget which filesystem I'm using... is it FFS or HDFS maybe?



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