Amiga - PC (or other non-Amiga machine) transfer via Null-Modem cable

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Nathananael Bettridge

Jan 24, 2004, 6:34:19 PM1/24/04
G'day all :)

I recently obtained an old secondhand A500, and as regards software, it came
only with a wb 1.3.3 disk, and a few games. Now, my problem is that, not
having another amiga, nor any disks with terminal emulation software on
them, and not being able to afford a catweasel card, I'm unable to make
files readable by the A500.

Browsing through the manuals, a small paragraph in the Amiga Enhancer
Software Manual (presumably what the original owner got with wb 1.3)
mentioned being able to transfer files via "copy aux:". However, after
spending a few hours fiddling, it doesn't seem to work, always stopping and
presumably waiting for an end of file character/marker of some sort. I've
tried direct from a dos prompt to the port, via terminal emulators, via the
copy command in UAE (same wb/kicker/setup), and the best I've got is
occassionally aborting with something along the lines of "***BREAK <file>
removed" when some binary files are copied over (presumably its receiving an
abort character or something).

I am, I admit, only using a 3-wire null modem (send/receive/ground)... are
the extra lines needed to complete the transfer appropriately?

So, basically, my question is, how the heck can you use copy aux: or copy
ser: with a null modem to transfer files?


Roy Leith

Jan 27, 2004, 10:17:32 AM1/27/04
Its been a while since I gave my A500 away. However, I seem to remember that
the Amiga Enhancer was an MSDos emulator and not much cop.

However, I also remember that WB1.3 came with Crossdos which is a driver to
allow PC floppies to be written to and read from using the A500. It only
supports 8.3 filenames, however. You need Crossdos 7 (no longer available)
to read long filenames.

If you have a computer that can access the internet, Google to Aminet and
download a suitable terminal emulator (e.g. NComm) and save the file to a PC
DOS formatted floppy. Try it in the A500. If it does not work, look up
Crossdos in the manual. You, probably need to copy the crossdos dosdriver
from storage/dosdrivers to Devs/dosdrivers and reboot the A500,

Roy Leith

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