A2000 Upgrading Questions

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Richard Akerman

Oct 15, 1990, 4:21:23 PM10/15/90

I have an Amiga A2000 that I got in the Fall of 1987. It has the short
video slot and the 512K of FAST memory is on a half-populated board in the CPU
slot. I have a number of questions about my upgrading options:

1. Can I use a flickerFixer if I get the Denise Extender Board (DEB)?
2. Since the board in the CPU is only half-populated (it has empty chip
sockets) and in fact says "Commodore 1 MB RAM Expansion on it" can I get
1 MB of chip RAM by plugging the appropriate RAM chips in? Will this new
memory be recognized automatically?
3. Can I upgrade to the new Enhanced Chip Set? Workbench 2.0?
4. Can I use a 68020/30 board in my CPU slot? If so, what so I do with the
FAST RAM expansion card already there? Are their other RAM boards that I
could populate with the chips from the FAST RAM board?
5. Can I have 1 MB of CHIP RAM? How?
6. If I can't upgrade, can I trade up to an A3000?

Thanking you in advance...

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Oct 16, 1990, 7:27:00 PM10/16/90

I believe if you purchase the A2630 card f/ CBM, included in the price
is a motherboard of a rev. higher than ver 4.5 which is nec. for the A2630
This was told to me from a friend who upgraded, so I don't know if it's
CBM policy or not. But the dealer in our area did it for him this way.
If you can, go for a new motherboard if you plan on expanding your
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