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Marketing advice sought (New renderer!)

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Mar 8, 1991, 10:13:08 AM3/8/91

Hi all,
(Sorry if this gets posted twice, but we've had News problems)
We would like to inquire about how to go about getting a piece of
software published. We are a small group of 3 college students who,
over the course of the last 3 years, have developed a rendering
program for the Amiga which we believe will be marketable within the
next few months. (We are also tentatively planning on porting it
to the Mac.)

Since we have no capital and have no experience in marketing or
business experience, we are looking for some advice.
We would like to know:
1) How do we get in contact with potential publishing companies.
2) What is involved in marketing it ourselves.
3) If we sign with a company, what sort of terms can we expect.
4) Can we make a living developing the product.
5) What sort of pitfalls should we look out for.

We will post some sample pictures and specs for the renderer at in /incoming/amiga/GRAPHICS/Celeritas.lzh

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,
Abe Megahed, Eric Bazan, Larry Smith.

You can get a hold of us at one of the addresses listed below: (Abe, Eric and Larry) (Eric) (Abe) (Larry) (Eric)

UPL stuff

Mar 8, 1991, 11:19:23 PM3/8/91
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