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Dec 5, 2006, 7:43:33 PM12/5/06
I've just been to aminet by ftp.

I went to majorgeeks, got cuteftp, and then went on to log in as anonymous on That was the
plan, to review some on oldies but goldies. :-)))

Some 7.5 MBs later, Cuteftp on, and I got the directory listing but not the possibility to enter dirs. I went
to Windows CLI (!!) and entered ftp. This got me with a nice but ugly fonted ftp> command line on which I got
'?' and then 'open'.

I waited for the directory listing and this was very nice.

However I closed it because of waiting, went back to CuteFTP and then on - I got in, logged in as user 'ftp'
and I got acces to the directories. Got nothing, got nothing to show, but I kissed a girl and it was fun.



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