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Reprint of the Amiga Guru Book by Ralph Babel

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Christian Hoppe

Apr 23, 2007, 4:04:08 PM4/23/07
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Sorry, for the crosspost, but this may be interesteind for all the
remaining amigans.
Andreas Magerl from the german publisher apc-tcp is thinking of a
reprint of one of the most famous books in amiga history, the Amiga Guru
Book, from Ralph Babel.
The book was reprinted in german language recently, now it may be
possible to get a new Guru Book. If you are interested, maybe you send a
mail to Andreas (mail-adress see below). The book is realy worth it.

An (old) review can be found here:

Here is the official press-text from apc-tcp.


Reprint of the Amiga Guru Book

Some time ago we rereleased the German Amiga Guru Book. We have promised
to care for a reprint of the English Amiga Guru Book aswell.

Recently we've been fully occupied with various other projects (amongst
others the English version of the Amiga Future) and couldn't take care
of the Guru Book.

Now we have more time and want to work more intensely on this project.

Because of that we ask all users who are interested in a reprint of the
Amiga Guru Book to drop an email to andreas(at) using the
subject "Guru Book".

This is not a preorder! We only want to check if there are enough
interested people for a reprint!
We are not able to tell a price nor release date!


I am no employee of apc-tcp and I will get no money from Andreas or the
booksales, but I think it is a rare opportunity to get this book.



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