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Best current solutions for networking a CD32?

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Oliver N. Kühlwein

Mar 15, 2007, 2:31:53 AM3/15/07

While we are at this, what is the best current solution for networking
a CD32 with SX32?
I use my CD32 mainly as MP3-Player with the help of MAS-Player. All my
mp3-files are ripped from my own cds. From time to time I want to add
new cds. Until now I was going to open the CD32 to dettach the 2,5"-
harddisk and connect it to my other Amiga (networked, X-Surf) and then
transferring the ripped files from my NAS to the harddisk. After that
the harddisk was put in the CD32 again. Yes, I could use CD-Rs but not
CD-RWs and with CD-Rs I would end with a pile of useless disks
polluting the environment.
Now I want to network the CD32 to my lan, so that I can reach the NAS
from it directly. Software is no problem as I have Miami or MiamiDX.
But how can I connect the CD32/SX32 physically? The rest of the lan is
10/100 bps ethernet.
BTW a really speedy connection is not necessary, comfort is what I am
looking for.


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Oliver N. Kühlwein

Mar 21, 2007, 5:18:22 AM3/21/07
kjhfkjh <nos...@nospam.invalid> wrote:
> A semi-comfortable solution could be swapping the harddrive to
> a ide compatible compactflash like the sandisk cards, placed
> in a physically harddrive-compatible compactflash>ide converter.

I considered this first but I needed more space than cf card could

> If the sx32 supports a master/slave configuration, perhaps you
> could even sneak out a modified cable and have the cf adaptor
> positioned outside but close to the cd32 housing for easy file
> transfers.

Actually I bought a compactflash>ide converter for this purpose but
never found a 2,5" cable for two drives. I even bought a normal cable
and an extra connector to crimp on the cable but I am reluctant to do
this without decent tools. Besides the cable is that short that I need
to cut a hole into the CD32 case to insert the cf card.

But thank you for your suggestions.

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