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Amiga 1200-Commodore U.S. Statement

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Lauren Brown - CATS

Oct 27, 1992, 4:41:22 PM10/27/92

The following is a position statement from Commodore Business Machines,
Inc. (USA) regarding the A1200.

Following on the heels of the launch and shipment of the A4000 in September (the
first Amiga system to feature the AGA Chip set), Commodore is announcing the
second AGA-based machine, which is designated the A1200. This machine has
already been announced in several European countries and will be officially
announced in the U.S. at Comdex, November 16 in Las Vegas. It is currently
expected to be available in the United States before Christmas, 1992.

The A1200 is not a replacement for either the A600 or A2000, both of which are
expected to continue in the product line in the U.S. The A1200 is an
addition to the product line and is positioned as a machine that will be
competitive with the 386SX/DX or MAC Classic series machines in the home/
education market and as a machine for presentation and training delivery,
or for kiosk systems.

Key features include:

* AGA Chip set (with AmigaDOS Release 3), supporting the same
resolution and color modes as the A4000 (including typical VGA-type
displays as well as the NTSC display modes)

* use of an industry standard IDE drive making hard drives
relatively inexpensive and available

* PCMCIA slot (same as the A600). The slot can be utilized by a number
of peripherals which are already available, or soon to become available.
These include 1,2, and 4 megabyte memory cards, SCSI adapters and

Commodore believes that the A1200 will continue to make the Amiga series of
machines competitive in today's changing environment. It represents a major
step forward for Commodore in the entry to midrange segment of the computing
industry. We must also point out that Commodore is committed to a full product
line of AGA-based products. The A1200 and A4000 are the first products in
that line.

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