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Richard Akerman

Jan 12, 1993, 11:30:52 AM1/12/93
Last-modified: 1993/01/12
Version: 1.22

Filename: AmigaNOS-help2.
Created-by: Richard Akerman (

This file is the third in a series of 3 designed to help you get SLIP
running using AmigaNOS. The first one in the series is AmigaNOS-ask, the
second one in the series is AmigaNOS-help1. All three are available for
anonymous FTP from []:

You will need the answers from AmigaNOS-ask first. Then read AmigaNOS-help1.


In the examples, I will use the following SAMPLE answers:

Q3. Your address: Amiga.SLIP.FooUniv.EDU []
Q4. Default route:
Q5. Domain name server:
Q6. SMTP gateway:
Q7. NNTP server:

1. OK, in AmigaNOS/SLIP/domain.txt put entries of the form

hostname IN A <IP address>

e.g. IN A

domain.txt is the first place AmigaNOS will check if it needs to figure out
an address. The addresses you should put in are

The domain name server (question 5).
The SMTP gateway (question 6).
The NNTP server (question 7).
Your address (question 3).

2. Next, change AmigaNOS/SLIP/NOS-Startup

2a. After domain suffix put your domain suffix. This is the base that AmigaNOS
will append after hostnames if it can't resolve them. It is the common end
part of your university address. For example, if your university has
addresses of the form, then the domain suffix is

domain suffix

2b. Next put your hostname (from question 3) in where it says "hostname"


2c. After that put in your IP address (from question 3).

ip address

2d. Next change the attach line to correspond to your modem speed. Also,
you may need to change the MTU. The line format is:

attach asy serial.device 0 slip nos 4096 MTU# SPEEDc

attach asy serial.device 0 slip nos 4096 1006 2400c

2e. Next change the mask to correspond to your site IP prefix (the first two
numbers in the IP address of the default route).

ifconfig nos netmask 0xffffffff broadcast #.#.255.255

ifconfig nos netmask 0xffffffff broadcast

2f. Next put in your default route IP address (from question 4).

route add default nos

2g. Next put in the address for your domain name server (from question 5).

domain addserver

2h. Next put in the address for your SMTP gateway (from question 6).

smtp gateway

2i. Next put in the address for the news server (from question 7).

nntp addserver 600

2j. Next pick the groups you want to receive, and put them after nntp groups

nntp groups comp.sys.amiga*

2k. Finally, put the nntp news server address after nntp kick

nntp kick

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