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Richard Akerman

Jan 15, 1993, 10:55:28 AM1/15/93
Archive-name: amiga/science-faq
Last-modified: 1993/01/15
Version: 2.61

Compiled-by: Richard Akerman (ake...@qucis.queensu.ca)

v2.5 available by anonymous FTP from wuarchive:

The news.answers automatic archiving software will store a copy of this
posting, available by anonymous FTP on

pit-manager.mit.edu []:

This document is a summary of info I have on hand about Science/School/UNIX
software. It is designed to answer the questions I have seen most
frequently about such software on USENET. It's a combination of things I
have found out myself (I use most of these programs), information posted on
USENET newsgroups (sometimes uncredited, sorry), and responses I got to
questions I send to commercial product representatives. I have tried to
make the information herein as detailed and correct as possible; please
email me with any corrections or comments.

Programs covered:
2. X-windows
3a. AmigaTeX
3b. PasTeX 1.3
3c. DVIprint
3d. dvi2lj
3e. fig
3f. ARexx macros for TeX
4. GNU emacs 18.58 A1.26
4a. fifo.library & Csh 5.19
5. UNIX commands for the Amiga [every one you ever wanted]
5a. man
5b. diff
5c. compress, uncompress, zcat
5d. tar
5e. tarsplit
5f. ispell 3.3LJR
5g. nroff
5h. ixemul.library
6. GNU plot 3.2
7. FTP sites
Appendix A. Programs on grind
Appendix B. Programs on wuarchive

NOTE: some of these files/archives are very large. Often they contain
source or other files you may not need. If you are sending the files to
yourself over the phone lines, or other slow medium for which you may have
to pay, use the appropriate archiver on your UNIX system beforehand to
delete all unneeded files in the archive. The most common archiving format
is .lzh and .lha, use the lha program for these. See Appendix A for UNIX
versions of archiving programs (lha, zoo, unzip). See note in Appendix B
about Amiga archiving programs.

There is a nice review of science software in the March 1992 (#48) _.info_,
a magazine whose demise is much lamented.

1. MAPLE V =================================================================

MAPLE V, a commercial "Mathematica"-like program is available for the

There is a review of Maple V in the above mentioned _.info_ article,
pp. 35-36.

There is a more recent review of Maple V in the January 1993 (Vol. 8, #1)
_Amazing Computing_, pp. 69-71.

I received a very detailed response to my questions from Maplesoft
(specifically, from Joyce Brennan, Communications Manager). Here it is, with
several screens of additional promotional information removed at the end,
and some of the other descriptive portions summarized.

From: jbre...@maplesoft.on.ca (Joyce Brennan)
Subject: Amiga Maple V Posting - correction

> 1. Address, phone, fax

|\^/| Waterloo Maple Software
._|\| |/|_. 160 Columbia St. West
\ MAPLE / Waterloo, Ontario
<____ ____> CANADA N2L 3L3
| Tel: (519) 747-2373 in...@maplesoft.on.ca
Fax: (519) 747-5284

> 2. system requirements

Systems Compatibility
- Supports the following configurations, with and without
coprocessors: Commodore Amiga 1000, 2000, 2500 and 3000
- Requires Amiga DOS, version 2.04 or higher

Memory Requirements
- 2 MB RAM and 8 MB disk storage

> 3. price: regular, site licence, educational discount

For Canadian Customers:
A single-user copy is now available for only Can $695 for educational
and government institutions (if the user can provide proof of their
affiliation), and Can $935 for all others. Shipping and handling
is added to this price. For additional information call 1-800-877-6583.

For U.S. Customers:
A single-user copy is now available for only US $595 for educational
and government institutions (if the user can provide proof of their
affiliation), and US $795 for all others. Shipping and handling
is added to this price. For additional information call 1-800-877-6583.

For Customers outside North America:
Please contact Waterloo Maple Software at the address or phone number
[above], or by sending an e-mail message to in...@maplesoft.on.ca
and we would be happy to put you in touch with your local distributor.

For Academic Degree-granting Institutions:
Site licenses are required in order to run Maple on a network.
For academic institutions, a site license is calculated for each
type of machine, and the price for site licenses depends on the
number and type of machines running Maple.

[calculation of site licences omitted; contact Maplesoft for more info]

> and whatever else you would like to provide.

Maple V Features
- Full implementation of Maple including interactive 3-D
graphics with PostScript and IFF format output
- Takes advantage of Amiga specific standards for session editing
- ARexx port which supports all Maple V functions
- Over 2,000 library functions

When you purchase Maple, the software package includes detailed
installation instructions, a tutorial introduction and two manuals
(Language Reference & Library Reference manuals). On-site workshops
can also be arranged.

Free Upgrade to Maple V Release 2 for Amiga
Those customers who purchase Maple V for the Amiga from Waterloo Maple
Software now will be entitled to a free upgrade to Maple V Release 2
which is expected to be available for this platform by the end of the
first quarter of 1993.
Those customers who purchased Amiga Maple V from Waterloo Maple
Software any time AFTER June 1, 1992, will be entitled to a free
upgrade to Maple V Release 2, and will be mailed this automatically
as soon as it becomes available for distribution.

[There was a LOT of information about Maple V Release 2, and Maple in
general, here's a very brief summary:

MAPLE V Release 2
* adds 700 new functions for total of over 2500
* highly programmable C & Pascal-based language has been further refined
* "work with standard math notation and print publication quality results"
* "stunning new interactive graphics, including animation for time-variant
* combine text, graphics and math using easy worksheet interface
* will produce LaTeX formatted output
* will produce FORTRAN and C code]

2. X-windows ===============================================================

A commercial version of X-windows is available from GfxBase.

For more information contact
Dale Luck: da...@ntg.com

What follows is the response to my emailed questions:

From: da...@boing.ntg.com (Dale Luck)
Subject: X11 info

> 1. Address, phone, fax

GfxBase, Inc.
1881 Ellwell Dr.
Milpitas, CA 95036

Phone: (408) 262-1469
FAX: (408) 262-8276

> 2. system requirements

Minimum 1M RAM, 7M disk, recommended 3M RAM, 14M harddisk

> 3. price: regular, site licence, educational discount

Price: [US] $395, Eduprice: [US] $316. Site licenses available.

> and whatever else you would like to provide.

Please send a postal address and we can send you our
printed literature.
Also available, XView 2.0, Motif, Xtk programmers libraries.

3a. AmigaTeX ================================================================

AmigaTeX is a commercial program available from Radical Eye. Comes with
TeX, LaTeX, MetaFont, Previewer, and Post 1.7 (for handling PostScript).

8 program disks + 6 font disks. Hard disk installer program so you can
install a minimum or full system.

It has a special font loading system so you don't need all of them on your
hard disk; it will request the font disks as needed.

For more information contact the author:
Tomas Rokicki: rok...@cs.stanford.edu

What follows is the author's response to my emailed questions:

From: Tomas G. Rokicki <rok...@CS.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: AmigaTeX

> 1. Address, phone, fax

Radical Eye Software
P.O. Box 2081
Stanford, CA 94309

Phone: (415) 322 6442
FAX: (415) 327 3329
BBS: (415) 327 2346

> 2. system requirements

At least two floppies or a hard disk, and at least 512K of RAM.
Three megabytes of RAM is recommended.

> 3. price: regular, site licence, educational discount

The main package is [US] $200; printer drivers are [US] $100 per set (organized
according to printer resolution). Site licensing and group discounts
are available; write for information. There is no special educational

> and whatever else you would like to provide.

A free demo disk and product literature is available by sending Radical Eye
a FAX or a letter with your name and address.

3b. PasTeX 1.3 ==============================================================

There is also a Freely Distributable TeX called PasTeX. Look on wuarchive,


(see Appendix B for file listing)

The files are full disks compressed with Zoom, from Fish #682
ux1: /amiga/fish/f6/ff682/Zoom.lzh 89055 bytes

3c. DVIprint ================================================================

If you have AmigaTeX but no printer drivers, you can try using DVIprint
from the PasTeX distribution. It works remarkably well, just make a
tex:config dir and put DVIprint.printers in it.

Host athene.uni-paderborn.de

Location: /pcsoft/amiga/tex/pastex
FILE -rw-r--r-- 57858 May 26 00:00 dviprint.lha

3d. dvi2lj ==================================================================

If you have a LaserJet you may want to use dvi2lj instead of DVIprint,
it's on amiga.physik.unizh.ch (aminet) and mirrors, and also on Fish disk

/amiga/text/tex/dvi2lj.lha 109185 bytes
[thanks to bar...@astro.cs.umass.edu (Daniel Barrett) for this info]

3e. fig =====================================================================

Also for TeX you may want the fig package, for structured drawing.
On wuarchive,

/systems/amiga/utilities/text/utils/fig.zom 319110 bytes

Uncompress with Zoom from Fish #682.

3f. ARexx macros for TeX ===================================================

I have uploaded ARexx macro things for TeXify and ToError for AmigaTeX to
wuarchive, in /systems/amiga/incoming/utils

Ed-TeX-Rexx.lha - AmigaTeX ARexx for Ed
Emacs-TeX-Rexx.lha - AmigaTeX ARexx for GNU emacs

There are also TeXify ARexx macro things for CED on wuarchive,

4. GNU emacs 18.58 A1.26 ===================================================

The author of GNU emacs and various GNU UNIX command ports (ls, mv, grep, ...)
is David Gay. You'll need a couple MB of hard disk and RAM.

They are available from amiga.physik and mirrors.

Also, wuarchive


(full emacs, also ls, grep, sort)

(See Appendix A&B)

Contact David Gay: dg...@di.epfl.ch

4a. fifo.library & Csh 5.19 ================================================

Along with GNU emacs you'll probably want the fifo.library from Fish 588.
ux1: /amiga/fish/f5/ff588/FifoLib.lzh 40222 bytes

Also you may want to replace the UNIX sh with csh 5.19 from Fish 624. I needed
to do this to use a TeX-shell in GNUemacs TeX-mode. (NOTE: Using ARexx is
better than using the TeX-shell anyway.)
ux1: /amiga/fish/f6/ff624/Csh.lzh 415097 bytes

5. UNIX commands ===========================================================

Most UNIX commands are available:

etags grep
ls rmdir
chmod d = udir - does some dir thing, no man
dd - convert a file while copying it
ln (rmdir)
mkdir mv
rm touch
udir = d v = vdir - does a list thing, no man
vdir = v (ls)
cat cmp - compare two files
comm - compare two sorted files line by line
csplit - split a file into sections determined by context lines
cut - remove sections from each line of files
expand - convert tabs to spaces
fold - wrap each input line to fit in specified width
nl - number lines of files
paste - merge lines of files
pr - convert text files for printing
tac - concatenate and print files in reverse
tail tr - translate or delete characters
ujoin unexpand
uniq wc
egrep (grep)
unshar uudecode
uuencode uusplit

See Appendix A and Appendix B for locations

5a. man ======================================================================

a UNIX-like "man" called MRMan is available on Fish #281

ux1: /amiga/fish/f2/ff281/MRMan.lzh 46332 bytes

This has zcat included with it. It supports a MANPATH, your choice of "more"
like utility. You can use it to access all of the man pages for the UNIX
textutils and fileutils. The ones to put in the MANPATH are the pre-formatted
/cat directories (usually).

You may want to modify the code so that it will recognize *.1 as a valid man
file. You can use NewZAP, from Fish #574
ux1: /amiga/fish/f5/ff574/NewZAP.lzh 29756 bytes

5b. diff ====================================================================

UNIX diff is available from


Also see Appendix A, B.

5c. compress, uncompress, zcat ============================================

compress is available in the compress-4.0 distribution. Note that to get
uncompress and zcat you simply copy compress

copy compress uncompress
copy compress zcat

The program operates according to the name it is invoked with.

5d. tar ====================================================================

UNIX tar is available on Fish #445
ux1: /amiga/fish/f4/ff445/Tar.lzh 104399 bytes
It may give you a total system crash when extracting from an archive unless
you use NewZAP (Fish #574) to apply the patch in Tar/patch01/src/bin.patch1
A patched version is also available on wuarchive,

/systems/amiga/utilities/cli/archive/tar-patched.lzh 124633 bytes
[patching by (Alan Bair) ab...@parsons.sps.mot.com]

5e. tarsplit ===============================================================

For extracting from .tar archives only you can use tarsplit.
(See Appendix A&B)

5f. ispell 3.3LJR ==========================================================

ispell 3.3 LJR is available from wuarchive,

/systems/amiga/incoming/utils/ispell-3.3LJR.lha 550746 bytes

It is also now available on Fish disk #774,
ux1:/amiga/fish/f7/ff774/ISpell.lzh 554307 bytes

The hash file is about 500k, HD highly recommended. The distribution now
includes GUIspell 1.1, it also has .el files for GNUemacs and Rexx files for
many editors.

If you already have ispell, the .el files for emacs are also available on
wuarchive, /systems/amiga/utilities/text/utils/ispell.lha

5g. nroff ==================================================================

There is nroff available for the Amiga to process man files. It doesn't
handle many attributes.

wuarchive: /systems/amiga/utilities/text/utils/nroffamiga.lha 56822 bytes

5h. ixemul.library =========================================================

nroff requires v 39+ of ixemul.library, from wuarchive

/systems/amiga/incoming/misc/ixemul.lzh 78590 bytes

6. GNU plot 3.2 ============================================================

GNU plot 3.2 is on Fish disk 701
ux1: /amiga/fish/f7/ff701/GNUPlot.lzh 560824 bytes

7. FTP sites ===============================================================

Major US Amiga (+newest Fish) site: wuarchive.wustl.edu []
fish in /systems/amiga/fish
Other US Amiga (+all Fish) site: grind.isca.uiowa.edu
Major US Fish site (disks 50-current): ux1.cso.uiuc.edu []
ux1 Fishes mirrored on: ftp.hawaii.edu []
Major Euro Amiga site: amiga.physik.unizh.ch []
mirrored on wuarchive /mirrors4
Euro Fish site (Finland): ftp.funet.fi []
fish in /pub/amiga/fish
Euro Fish site (Germany): ftp.informatik.rwth-aachen.de []

[some Fish disk sites provided by schw...@mike.cs.uiuc.edu (Mike Schwager)]

I don't know much about Mail-FTP, but you can find a list of Mail FTP sites
in the "Updated Internet Services List" posted by yan...@csd4.csd.uwm.edu
(Scott A. Yanoff) to USENET group comp.misc. You can also finger him to
find out other ways to get this useful list.

Appendix A. Programs on grind =============================================

total 109
-rwxr-xr-x+ 14418 Oct 27 1992 UU.LHA - uuencode, uudecode
-rwxr-xr-x+ 186 Oct 27 1992 UU.readme
-rwxr-xr-x+ 1182 Dec 03 1991 UnixUtils.Readme
-rwxr-xr-x+ 178639 Nov 24 1991 UnixUtils.lzh
-rwxr-xr-x+ 496099 Oct 18 1992 amiga-fileutils-3.3.LHA
-rwxr-xr-x+ 143291 Oct 16 1992 amiga-grep-1.6.LHA
-rwxr-xr-x+ 584149 Oct 18 1992 amiga-textutils-1.3.LHA
-rwxr-xr-x+ 32368 Oct 20 1992 compress-4.0.lzh
-rwxr-xr-x+ 35664 Dec 03 1992 diff115.lzh
-rwxr-xr-x+ 550746 Nov 24 1992 ispell-3.3LJR.lha
-rwxr-xr-x+ 2451 Nov 24 1992 ispell-3.3LJR.readme
-rwxr-xr-x+ 15444 Nov 03 1992 tarsplit.lha
-rwxr-xr-x+ 725 Nov 03 1992 tarsplit.readme

total 15
-rwxr-xr-x+ 37738 Jan 24 1992 Lharc.tar.Z
-rwxr-xr-x+ 237535 Jan 24 1992 Zoo210.tar.Z
-rwxr-xr-x+ 1165 Apr 15 1992 arc-5.21.readme
-rwxr-xr-x+ 97925 Apr 15 1992 arc-5.21.tar.Z
-rwxr-xr-x+ 121707 Jan 24 1992 arc.tar.Z
-rwxr-xr-x+ 10579 Jan 24 1992 boo.tar.Z
-rwxr-xr-x+ 7256 Mar 11 1992 dmscheck.tar.Z
-rwxr-xr-x+ 88091 Mar 11 1992 lha-0.04.tar.Z
-rwxr-xr-x+ 81707 Apr 08 1992 lha-1.00.tar.Z
-rwxr-xr-x+ 32763 Dec 01 1992 unarj230.tar.Z
-rwxr-xr-x+ 116165 Jul 16 1991 unzip41.tar.Z
-rwxr-xr-x+ 245065 Apr 03 1992 unzip42.tar.Z
-rwxr-xr-x+ 304017 Sep 18 1992 unzip50.tar.Z
-rwxr-xr-x+ 190819 Jan 31 1992 zip10.tar.Z

Appendix B. Programs on wuarchive =========================================

Amiga (de-)archiving programs can be found in

total 5155
-rw-rw-r-- 1 root 667542 Dec 18 1990 tex-3.1.lzh
-rw-rw-r-- 1 root 20155 Jan 5 1992 texify-1.12.lzh
-rw-rw-r-- 1 root 319110 Mar 17 1992 fig.zom
drwxrwxr-x 4 root 512 Jun 25 08:59 pastex-1.3
-r--rw-r-- 1 root 103403 Jun 29 00:03 dvipsamiga.lha
-r--rw-r-- 1 root 2038 Jun 29 00:03 dvipsamiga.readme
-r--rw-r-- 1 root 56822 Jun 29 00:03 nroffamiga.lha
-r--rw-r-- 1 root 2313 Jun 29 00:03 nroffamiga.readme
-r--rw-r-- 1 root 10428 Jul 7 20:30 ispell.lha
-r--rw-r-- 1 root 2442 Jul 7 20:30 ispell.readme

total 3150
-rw-rw-r-- 1 root 1027 Oct 9 1990 extras.readme
-rw-rw-r-- 1 root 543209 Oct 11 1990 extras.zoo
-rw-rw-r-- 1 root 458766 Oct 5 1991 disk-4.zom
-rw-rw-r-- 1 root 1074 Oct 5 1991 README
-rw-rw-r-- 1 root 702054 Oct 5 1991 disk-5.zom
-rw-rw-r-- 1 root 339078 Oct 5 1991 disk-2.zom
-rw-rw-r-- 1 root 681546 Oct 5 1991 disk-3.zom
-rw-rw-r-- 1 root 456046 Oct 5 1991 disk-1.zom
drwxrwxr-x 2 root 512 Jun 25 08:59 metafont-2.7
drwxrwxr-x 2 root 512 Jun 25 08:59 previewfonts

total 192
-rw-rw-r-- 1 root 191648 Feb 3 1992 gnutar.lzh

total 10785
-r--rw-r-- 1 root 969340 Oct 15 21:32 a1.26-emacs-18.58-bin.LHA
-r--rw-r-- 1 root 2402 Oct 15 21:33 a1.26-emacs-18.58-bin.readme
-r--rw-r-- 1 root 2963672 Oct 15 21:52 a1.26-emacs-18.58-src.LHA
-r--rw-r-- 1 root 2401 Oct 15 21:52 a1.26-emacs-18.58-src.readme
-r--rw-r-- 1 root 496099 Oct 15 21:55 amiga-fileutils-3.3.LHA
-r--rw-r-- 1 root 1330 Oct 15 21:55 amiga-fileutils-3.3.readme
-r--rw-r-- 1 root 143291 Oct 15 21:55 amiga-grep-1.6.LHA
-r--rw-r-- 1 root 1325 Oct 15 21:55 amiga-grep-1.6.readme
-r--rw-r-- 1 root 584149 Oct 15 21:57 amiga-textutils-1.3.LHA
-r--rw-r-- 1 root 1330 Oct 15 21:57 amiga-textutils-1.3.readme
-r--rw-r-- 1 root 550746 Nov 20 11:20 ispell-3.3LJR.lha
-r--rw-r-- 1 root 2451 Nov 20 11:20 ispell-3.3LJR.readme

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