Formatting MassFS DOS disks to FAT16

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Jason Tribbeck

Jan 31, 2006, 6:19:29 PM1/31/06

Just thought that I'd let anyone who wanted to format a DOS disk under
MassFS know that you can do this by using the (now open source) PC
Card's MkDOSDisc command:

MkDOSDisc MassFS::MyData.$ 32 -initdos

This will format the "MyData" disk to 32M - don't try to format a disk
larger than the size it actually is (you can do this). Also, it may be a
good idea to drop it down by 1M or 2M from the published size - some
devices say they're "32M", but they say that 1M is 1,000,000 bytes,
rather than the 1024*1024 bytes that is normally used.

You **need** the "-initdos" bit at the end.

You can get MkDOSDisc from - download 3.06
source, and just extract the MkDOSDisc which is inside PCConfig/MKDOSdisc/

Note that it's not 32-bit safe (although a quick recompile will sort
that out if you need 32-bit formatting [A9home users] - the assembler
code is already 32-bit safe).

Also note that I don't know what MkDOSDisc's maximum limit is.
Jason Tribbeck - 20K download limit - anything larger won't
be received.

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