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Drag N Drop Sales

May 6, 2022, 4:11:33 PMMay 6
Drag ‘N Drop is a quarterly magazine in PDF, mainly for users of RISC OS 5
(Armbook, Raspberry Pi etc.) but content will be of interest to all RISC
OS users.

Volume 11 issue 3 is now available www.dragdrop.co.uk. Just select "Drag N
Drop 11i3" or "Drag N Drop 11i3 with programs" from the menu and click Go
to try a sample and then buy.

Drag ‘N Drop costs £4.25, or £5.50 with a Zip (archive) file of the
type-in programs already typed in!

In this issue we look at sound sampling - using the type-in programs you
can convert WAV files to voice modules to play with the BBC Basic SOUND

Take a crash course in ARM machine code with Sir Richard of York. If you
prefer to stay behind the safety of the castle walls see how to add new
file icons to your system with attractive spirographic patterns.

There's a multi-tasking spreadsheet application to type in and we kick off
a great new series on programming in PHP.

Remember, if you want to save wear and tear on your fingers you have the
option of buying Drag 'N Drop for just an extra £1.25 with all of the
programs already typed in plus extras.

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