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RiscStation Software Support

Mar 25, 2003, 2:22:13 PM3/25/03

A while back, we offered a PC in Phoebe case deal. It was a great
success, infact, it was too good a success that we quickly ran out of
machines for the cases!. We have just managed to get our hands on some
more PCs which fit well into the big yellow cases we currently have.

Full specs :

Phoebe case
IBM P3 450 (can be overclocked safely to over 500MHz)
128 Mb memory
6.4Gb HD

comes without an installed OS, though we are throwing in a linux distro
and the drivers for Windows. If you want Windows preinstalled, please
contact us for a price.

All that for 200 UKP (plus shipping)

Also on offer...

Got more than one machine but are short on desktop space? There is quite
a cheap solution, a switch box. You can now share your machines using
one of these boxes. One monitor, one keyboard, one mouse (assuming
you're using a RiscStation or any other machine which uses a PS2 mouse
and keyboard). Cuts down on the amount of space required. 49 UKP for the
two way switch, please ask for the price of the 4 way switch.

After the winter we've just had and the obvious deteriation on the power
supply infrastructure, now may be the time to think about protecting
your machine against data loss. We now have a limited stock of UPS power
supplies from just 49.95UKP. These devices can be used as an emergency
supply should the main power fail, you can save your data instead of
cursing and fuming over losing it. Plus, if the power blackout is only
an hour, you can carry on without a problem! Is 50 UKP really that much
to ask for the security it brings?

Of course, a computer really is disadvantaged by the quality of it's
monitor. If you're using a RPC or RiscStation on an old 15 (or worse,
14) inch monitor, it may be time to think of upgrading. Who better to
ask than CTA on what to get!

If you act fast, 15" AOC MultiMedia monitors are still available for 220
UKP (or 200 UKP if you fancy one of our two remaining 15" TFT monitors).
The price of these 15" beauties are due to go up shortly.

Fancy something bigger? Look no further! We have some 17" MultiMedia
TFTs at 335 due in on Tuesday and for just *200* UKP (delivered), a 21"
Iiyama is yours (175 UKP if you collect), though you need to phone to
reserve one of these.

Thinking of buying from PC World? Stop there. Did you know that you can
support future development of both software and hardware by getting your
price from PC World and then phoning us to see if we can better it? You
will find that for just about everything at PC World, we are able to
supply exactly the same (if not better) equipment at a lower price and
unlike the PC box pushers, you don't need to dial pound a minute so
called help lines if there is a problem. It goes without saying really
that if you're buying for your RISC OS machine, the likes of PC World
won't know what you're on about, but our trained staff will be able to
advise over drivers and suitability. Sure, PC World (and the likes) are
handy, but you have little or no chance of expert, independant opinion
from them.

At last match, CTA were over 4 pounds cheaper for Epson C60 colour and
black cartridges than PC World and the single unit price for the HP
870CXi was the same as Viking's multipack offers.

Support your RISC OS dealers, ask for a price check, then see who
*really* is working best for you!


(for CTA Direct)

CTA Direct :

phone +44 (0) 1942 797777
fax +44 (0) 1942 797711
shop 168 Elliot Street, Tyldesley, Gtr. Manchester, M28 8DS
hours Mon - Fri, 9am - 5.30pm, Sat 10am - 4pm.
RiscStation Software Support

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