New release of !RDPClient, a RISC OS client for Remote Desktop

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Andrew Sellors

Apr 6, 2010, 3:35:28 PM4/6/10
I am pleased to announce the release of !RDPClient version 0.88,
a RISC OS client for the Remote Desktop Protocol.

Changes since the last release:

* Based on 'rdesktop' version 1.6.0.
* Compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7.
* Synchronisation of "lock" keys with remote computer.
* Support for full colour mouse pointers.
* Support for 15bit screen mode on Iyonix nVidia FX graphics cards.
* Screen mode selection support for ViewFinder graphics cards.


Remote Desktop allows a client machine to log onto a server over a
network and be presented with a virtual desktop display. Applications
run entirely on the server under control of the client's keyboard and
mouse with the display graphics being rendered on the client machine.
Remote Desktop server software is available for both Linux and
Microsoft Windows with many editions of Window having single user
versions built in.

!RDPClient is released under the GNU Public Licence (GPL).

!RDPClient has been tested on all versions of RISC OS from 3.70
upwards and is compatible with the Castle Iyonix PC and Advantage6
A9Home. A minimum of RISC OS 3.50 and Internet 5 are required.

Other features of !RDPClient include:

* Multi-tasking windowed operation.
* Full screen multi-tasking operation.
* Full screen single tasking mode.
* Support for 8bit (256 colour), 15bit (32 thousand colour),
16bit (64 thousand colour), 24bit and 32bit (16 million colour)
server screen modes.
* Sound redirection.
* Cut and Paste clipboard redirection between client and server.
* Configurable keyboard shortcuts.
* Support for RDP data compression.
* Keyboard with server keymap selection.

This is an interim release intended to provide support for the latest
Microsoft Windows versions. Exciting new features are planned, watch
this space.

!RDPClient may be downloaded from my homepages at the following URL:

Andrew Sellors

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