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RISCOSbits at the MUG Xmas Market

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Dec 7, 2023, 5:15:06 PM12/7/23
RISCOSbits are pleased to be attending the MUG Xmas Market on Saturday
9th December 2.23, at Dodderhill Parish Hall.

We will be bringing along a range of hardware devices, including several
machines not yet seen in the wild.

First up is the new eMMC4 - a RISC OS machine with 32GB of robust eMMC
storage and a 240GB SSD. This machine whips along, with it's up to
2.28GHz CPU (it comes clocked as stock at 2GHz, with easy instructions
for overclocking) and 4GB or RAM. Even in its compact size, it is a
monster of a machine.

The second new system is the PiRO Qube, launched in late Summer. An
absolutely tiny machine, again with 32GB of fast eMMC storage and 4GB
RAM, this machine can easily slip into your pocket for easy
transportation. With a vacant NVMe slot, it can also be enabled, with
dual boot capabilities, to run Linux at lightning speeds.

There will be a selection of FAST systems available to buy at the show,
all running our full-speed SATA interface for the FASTest RISC OS
machines to date. The entry level, bargain-priced FIRE, with a single
250GB SSD, 2GHz CPU and 2GB RAM, all encased in a sleek aluminium
chassis, will be available at GBP349, in either black or silver to just
take away on the day. A limited number of PYRO systems, incorporating
the same specifications as the FIRE, but with an added optical drive,
will be available for GBP399. We will also have a limited stock of CORE
systems available for GBP99 - a hardware SATA device and custom ROM on SD
card, to enable users who already own Compute Modules to build their own
FAST system, and access all future updates.

Final stocks of the range of machines will be available at the
show, for a princely sum of GBP69 - including a 1.2GHz CPU, custom ARMor
case, and 32GB SD card.

There will also be stock of the usual suspects - the Pi Harder,
FOURtress, PiRO Noir and a range of accessories, including EDOS,
FHANTom, the Desktop Dock and the like.

You will also be able to see the latest developments in the
Chimera/Duality machine (name to be finalised by public vote) - a two
headed beast that runs both RISCOS FAST and Linux at the same time.
Personal issues have meant that development of the machine isn't quite
production-ready in time for the show, but a demo model will be
available for all to see. Prices are likely to be around the GBP449 mark
for a base system (2GB RAM/256GB FAST SSD under RISC OS and 4GB RAM/32GB
eMMC for Linux). It is anticipated that the machine will be built to
order to meet the needs of the customer, allowing for personalised
upgrades, including extra RAM, larger storage devices and different CPUs
for each head. It can even be customised to run an Intel x64 Windows
10/11 head instead of Linux.

In addition, there will be a new mystery machine available for the first
time at the show. At only GBP99 for a pocket powerhouse, you'll be
(directory shades of) blue if you miss out on the very limited stock of
this beminiatured behemoth.

There will also be a show demo of a new, exciting RISC OS development,
available to see for the very first time. Don't envy me, just come and
have a look for yourself!

In keeping with the Seasonal Spirit, RISCOSbits will be giving away
(yes, GIVING AWAY!) a range of items useful to RISC OS users. Strictly
limited to one gift per attendee, these items are available on a
first-come first-served basis! So, run to the Little Hall when you
arrive to see what's available!

And, in even more Seasonal Spirit, the ROADS discounts will apply at the
show too, if you're registered!

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