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Pluto v3.20 is now available

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Martin Avison

Jan 19, 2024, 7:15:25 PMJan 19

Pluto v3.20 is now available, and includes some changes made by Rob
Sprowson and myself.

The main changes in Pluto v3.20 from v3.18 are mainly to fix various
small problems, but also includes:

* Corrected Ctrl-F to Ctrl-J in reformat message.
* Improved article recovery notification and logging.
* Added optional User-Agent header suppression.
* Added Generic mail transport for obscure cases.
* Simplified code by removing old redundant code for:
Transports: Voyager, Ant suite, Termite, POP and FreeSMTP.
Note that POPStar is not affected.
Browsers: Voyager, ArcWeb and Fresco.
News search: DejaNews and Google.

Please see or for full details of changes,
and how to download from SourceForge. It should also be available
from !Store next week.

Please let me know of any problems, and after installation an updated
PlutoStats file would be appreciated (see !!ReadMe!!).

There is a Pluto Mailing List - see

Pluto is an email and news reader that runs on the RISC OS operating
system, written by Jonathan Duddington in 1997 as a commercial
product. In April 2013 Jonathan announced that Pluto v3.06 and
eSpeak were released with a GPLv3 licence, and freely available to
download from SourceForge, including the source.


Martin Avison using a TiMachine running RISC OS 5
and the Pluto mail and newsreader

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